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Bless rugby league fans.

SIR - In these days when so much publicity is given to the violence of certain soccer crowds, I would like to pay tribute to the supporters who came to Cardiff for the Rugby League Cup final on Saturday May 15.

I happened to be walking into the city as supporters of Wigan and St Helens wended their way to the Millennium Stadium.

The thousands came in families, mums and dads and children of all ages, and mingled with each other in a noisy but orderly fashion.

One of the crowd came up to me and asked, 'Will you bless Wigan?'

He was followed immediately by another who asked, 'Will you bless the Saints?'

This put me in a quandary, so I said, 'God has no favourites.'

To this came an immediate reply, which typified the camaraderie, and humour of the day, 'We thought you could do some persuading!'

May God bless the supporters of Wigan and St Helens for demonstrating how a crowd of 73,000 should and can behave.


Avonbridge, Thornhill, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 26, 2004
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