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Blender controls.

The company's batch weigh blenders are said to include all the features customers expect from a blender, including accurate load cells, reliable air cylinders and effective mixing chambers. The company also offers a state-of-the-art patented Allen-Bradley touchscreen controller on all of its batch weigh blenders. Instead of hard-to-use thumbwheels and obscure function keys that require stacks of user manuals and reference guides to figure out, this controller is intuitive and clear, according to the manufacturer. The actual blender rate is said to be clearly displayed during operation, and the interface is said to guide the user easily through set-up and maintenance procedures. Recipes can be entered in one of three modes, including EZ Mode, Percentage Mode or Parts Mode. Recipes are said to be easily changed on the main screen by touching the corresponding hopper number and entering the new percentage or ratio and then touching "accept new recipe." To save that recipe to the recipe book, the operator touches the "recipe book" icon and then the "save running recipe" button.


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