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Bleeding hearts ignore history.

A PICTURE of a drowned child appears in the world press and the knee-jerk reaction of the bleeding hearts is "we must do more for the refugees".

That poor child is only one of hundreds of children and babies who have drowned in the same cause, the only difference is that this one could be seen; where were the bleeding hearts when the reports of those deaths were made public? Will those same bleeding hearts open their homes to the refugee or does that option cause their hearts to stop bleeding? A knee-jerk reaction always takes place in response to the latest emotional crisis, it never takes account of history, where the facts are conveniently forgotten. In 1945 at the end of WWII the official figure for those living in the UK was 49,190,000.

In 1948 mass immigration into the UK began and by 1955 the population had grown to 51,199,000, an average increase of 200,000 a year. This figure was a mixture of births among the indigenous and immigrant population plus additional immigrants.

In 1965 the population was 54,436,000, an average increase of 320,000 a year. Each decade thereafter fluctuated up or down until The National Census figure for 2001 which was 58,789,194, a population increase in the 56 years from 1945 of 9,599,194 - a 20 per cent increase in the population and a yearly average of 171,414.

In 2002 it was decided to "free" Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussain, to be followed by Gaddafi and Assad, to install democracy and to control a large portion of the oil stocks. One of the effects of this disastrous policy and the open border policy of the EU was that the population of the UK had increased by 2011 to 63,182,178, an increase of 4,392,984 in just 10 years and an average of 439,298 a year.

In 2014 it was 64,596,800, and in the year ending March 2015 the immigration figure was 330,000! One third of a million in one year!

This is a small island not a continent!

We have been taking immigrants for decades and they cannot be just discounted when another tragedy occurs. There have to be limits!

Since WWII immigration has altered this wonderful country beyond all recognition, and not for the better.

Douglas Sabin, Erdington

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Sep 15, 2015
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