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Bleed, Blister, and Purge: A History of Medicine on the American Frontier.




Bleed, blister, and purge; a history of medicine on the American frontier.

Steele, Volney.

Mountain Press, [c]2005

367 p.

$15.00 (pa)

In a single day they would deliver babies, sew up gunshot wounds, and treat half a frontier town for influenza, and struggle to reach all concerned on horseback in a driving snowstorm. Country doctors in the western US, who were few and far between, had to deal with the vagaries of then-current medical science, appalling sanitation, faith healers, and folk remedies that sometimes worked and sometimes did not. Steele, a retired pathologist who practiced in Bozeman, Montana, describes medicine from before the settlers came, detailing how explorers, Army surgeons, alternative healers, and practitioners of the new profession of nursing contended with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, tertiary syphilis, and rodeo injuries in an average day.
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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