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Blanketing forest slash.

BLANKETING FOREST SLASH. Foresters in Sweden are covering forest slash (branches left over from logging) with the paper-based laminate WisaWrap, which increases the slash's energy value, according to manufacturer Walki Wisa. "The more successful you are in retaining the dry matter content of the slash, the higher its energy value becomes. That's why it's important to protect heaps of slash against damp, rain and snow," says Tomas Nystrom, Walki Wisa sales manager. Walki Wisa has over 30 years of experience in products for covering timber. WisaWrap is built up in layers of paper, mesh reinforcement, polyethylene and paper. The outer layer is suitable for printing. The material is now also available in a width of four meters, providing an extremely high dry matter content. The wrap can be chipped and burned with logging residues.

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Date:Dec 1, 2003
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