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Blaming wind-up is crazy.

Byline: Steve Penk

SINCE I started it on Manchester station Key 103, I have been winding up people on the radio for 20 years and what has happened here is a tragedy. People tell me they can't believe how gullible people are. Well let me tell you, people are extremely gullible and when the nurse received that call, she totally believed she WAS talking to the Queen.

The call was intended to be fun and harmless, and should have been received that way. But instead, various people got high and mighty, claiming they were outraged. Were they really outraged and offended or did they just think they should be? Even the royal family, in the best British tradition, saw the funny side.

The Palace never complained about the call, so the outrage came from elsewhere.

Now we have a woman who's taken her own life and everyone is looking for someone to blame. It is possible she had issues in other aspects of her life. To blame it on a wind-up call is ludicrous.

We live in a world that has gone PC crazy, where everyone is terrified to do or say anything that might offend.

This wind-up call to the Duchess of Cambridge was intended to entertain - it was nothing more than a piece of radio pantomime.

To blame it for the death of Jacintha Saldanha is insane.


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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 9, 2012
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