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Blame it on Bede.

SIR - The confusion regarding the change of name from Cardiganshire to Ceredigion is par for the course of Cambrian history.

Your correspondent Mr Hughes has Cunedda as a non-hero. Cunedda, his eight sons and his grandson, came to Cambria (Wales) to clear out the Scotti invaders (Irish) in order for the legitimate High King 'Constantine the Blessed' to return from exile.

On completion of that task, using Ketgueli/Cetueli/Kidwelly as his base for West Cambria, his sons were given individual territories with Dunawd (Dunod) getting the major portion of Demetea (now Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire), and Ceredic getting the remainder that then became Ceredigion (the territory of Ceredic).

Introducing Hengist and Kent points to where the confusion began. The monk Bede misnamed Keynt/Ceint as Kent even though such a name did not exist at the date of the battle in which Catygern (battle leader) was killed in AD 450 (traditionally AD 456).

Other writers then confused Catygern with Ceredic and with Cyndeyrn (Keynt y gern in Goedel, ie. leader of Ceint). Cyndeyrn from Ceint (named as St Kentigern from Scotland, by Jocelyne in 12th-13th Century) came to Caerleon in AD 522 (traditionally 542). Ceredic came to Demetea cAD 410.

'Keynt', in the Goedel Celtic language (Gaelic), and 'Ceint' in the Brython (Welsh) Celtic language, extended eastward from the River Wye.

Bede similarly moved Shropshire and Cheshire (Bryneich and Deifr, in Latin Bernicia and Deira) to Northumbria, which Saxon territory did not exist at the time of the actions in those territories.


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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 2, 2005
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