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Blair the new envoy for peace, you must be joking.

Byline: ian PARRI

MY grandmother always warned me to be wary of people with wide grins permanently stitched to their faces. It's proven to be wise counsel.

Take that Tony Blair bloke. Now he's departed from the scene of democracy, he's got his mind on something else to occupy his time.

And it seems that George Bush wants his poodle to remain on the world stage, with Russia, the United Nations and the European Union amazingly backing him.

Yes, they want him to work as a Middle East peace envoy. Now just read that last sentence again.

That's right, they see this man who's been jointly responsible with the White House Wally for wreaking death, terror and destruction on that sad part of the world, killing more than 100,000 innocents in the process, and all on the back of a lie, as the anointed one.

Asking the Arabs to accept Blair as a man of peace is akin to having asked us to take Hermann Goering to our bosoms in 1945.

It's about as bonkers an idea as Bush has come up with, which is quite some going.

The fact that Israel, who just last year attempted to bomb its neighbours Lebanon back to the Stone Age, is vigorously nodding its head at the idea speaks volumes.

After all, didn't Blair refuse to condemn the Israelis' actions then?

He's just the lap dog they want.

Shame the other countries around them don't share their enthusiasm, though.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2007
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