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Blair protester's death raises fresh rioting fears.

A Muslim protester shot by police during a Cape Town demonstration against Mr Tony Blair last week died in hospital yesterday, raising fears of fresh clashes between security forces and an Islamic vigilante group. A spokesman for anti-crime group People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD) said Mr Yusuf Jacobs, aged 22, was to be buried late yesterday. No protests were planned for the funeral. "This is a funeral so we are not going to march, but in a way it is a kind of protest," said Mr Abidah Roberts. Mr Jacobs was shot in the head by a rubber bullet on Friday when police opened fire on a group of demonstrators refusing to disperse from outside a venue attended by Mr Blair. The Prime Minister's visit angered some local Muslims because of recent British-American attacks on Iraq. In the aftermath of the shooting, a senior PAGAD member, Mr Salie Abader, had vowed to "make the country ungovernable" should Mr Jacobs die, South African media reported. But yesterday Mr Abader said those comments had been made in the heat of the moment. He said PAGAD was still willing to co-operate with police to tackle crime and drug dealing in Cape Town's sprawling townships.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jan 13, 1999
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