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Blair Jnr 'being groomed' for MP; LESREID Political Correspondent.

The son of former Prime Minister Tony Blair is rumoured to be in line for an MP's role in Coventry - and has even got himself a job in the city.

A well known political blogger suggested this week that Euan Blair was being lined up to replace Geoffrey Robinson MP in his seat. It has since emerged that the 28-year-old Blair has been recruited by a Coventry employment agency contracted by the government. Senior Labour Party sources close to Mr Robinson's office claim both Tony and Cherie Blair have contacted the MP enquiring about his Coventry North West constituency seat for the next election.

But Mr Robinson dismissed the rumours that Blair junior had been following him in the city, attending local party meetings, and is being talked of as his potential successor at the next General Election.

Mr Robinson insisted he intends to stand at the next election, expected in 2015.

Euan Blair has recently become business development director for Sarina Russo Job Access at its UK headquarters in Coventry Point tower block in Market Way in the city centre. He is believed to be commuting from his PS1.3 million Grade II listed Georgian townhouse in Marylebone, central London - bought for him by his parents two years ago.

Mr Robinson denied claims by senior Coventry Labour figures close to his local office staff that Tony and Cherie Blair had phoned him several times personally asking the MP to invite Euan to local party meetings, and get him involved.

Asked about the wider rumours, Mr Robinson said: "It's just gossip. I'm standing at the next election, provided I get selected.

"I've never met the guy in Coventry.

Obviously I met him when Tony was the Prime Minister. Rumours he has been following me around in Coventry are rubbish, as are suggestions that he attended any local party committee meetings.

"I think he's got a position for a non-profit organisation which has an office in Coventry, and he works some days in Coventry."

Mr Robinson said he had recently met both Tony and Cherie Blair at a Labour party fundraiser, but Euan had not been discussed in relation to the Coventry Labour party.

"It's rubbish," he added. Internet blogger Paul Staines, known as Guido Fawkes, wrote in a diary gossip piece he had heard that "Geoffrey Robinson is planning to retire at the next election and is taking a keen interest in the selection of his successor."

The diary entry continued: "Potential rival candidates have been put off by Euan Blair putting his face around the constituency in Robinson's company.

"The former PM's son has also been attending the local party's committee meetings. Dullness you would only sit through for one reason."

Lorette Smit, corporate service manager for Sarina Russo Job Access, confirmed Mr Blair's new role at its Coventry HQ, which is subcontracted under the coalition government's Work Programme to get unemployed people into work.

She said he was unavailable for comment as he was currently away in America.

Coventry's three constituency parties will select their candidates ahead of the next election from a shortlist, which could have some input from the central Labour party in London.

It's just gossip. I'm standing at the next election, provided I get selected Coventry MP Geoffrey Robinson, below ''


Euan Blair, left, has taken up a post at a Coventry employment agency
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Sep 27, 2012
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