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Disaster-proof patients: healthcare providers and IT supplier in New England simulate a disaster situation to test a web-based EMR for regional and maybe national adoption. Feb 1, 2007 1776
CDHC on the precipice. Editorial Jan 1, 2007 571
A tale of two attitudes. Editorial Dec 1, 2006 560
Waiting on change. Nov 1, 2006 558
Power to the people: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia creates a comprehensive Web-based health opportunity and gives members their own PHRs. Nov 1, 2006 1064
Steps in the right direction. Editorial Oct 1, 2006 561
And the winner is ... everyone: a two-year old e-prescribing program blossoms into a statewide initiative that may be the model for other states wanting to improve patient safety. Oct 1, 2006 2729
Opaque answers. Editorial Sep 1, 2006 570
Speaking of efficiency: West Coast imaging center achieves enviable efficiency metrics with a planned IT implementation. Sep 1, 2006 1485
Weapon of choice. Aug 1, 2006 553
Rules of the game. Editorial Jul 1, 2006 559
Phone-free virtual visits: Aetna covers online doctor-patient communication for insured members in Florida and California. Jul 1, 2006 1708
In praise of unitasking. Editorial Jun 1, 2006 559
Passing the "Yo' Mama" test: Atlanta healthcare organization follows the beat of a different drummer in achieving 100 percent CPOE adoption. Jun 1, 2006 1818
Connecting the dots. May 1, 2006 560
Building better benefits--the consumer-friendly way: CIGNA HealthCare lets consumers "have it their way" with Internet-based technology. May 1, 2006 1309
Make a difference: Louisiana-based solo practitioner uses information technology to make a difference in his medical practice. May 1, 2006 1384
Pleasantly plastic. Editorial Apr 1, 2006 555
The Big Apple versus diabetes . Mar 1, 2006 556
All-out outsourcing: a Virginia community hospital uses outsourcing the way Fortune 100 companies do. Mar 1, 2006 1349
Take-along tech and the training of specialty nurses: a unique program to foster nursing recruitment and retention puts PDAs and point-of-care medical references into nurses' hands. Mar 1, 2006 1452
1-800-get-real. Feb 1, 2006 557
Putting meat on the e-prescribing bone: Maryland-based CareFirst re-ups for a second year of e-prescribing for its network physicians. Feb 1, 2006 1631
RHIO nation: community hospitals and small or solo physician practices are among the many players who need to prepare for the future world of electronic data sharing. Feb 1, 2006 4593
Power to the people. Jan 1, 2006 555
Progress on a work in progress: CHRISTUS Health tackles workflow management and transcription challenges in a massive initiative designed for enterprise consistency. Editorial Jan 1, 2006 1893
Shred City: a Knoxville specialty practice eliminates paper records and carves its own digital path to the EMR functionality. Jan 1, 2006 1420
The HMT Clios. Dec 1, 2005 555
Settlement and sorry. Nov 1, 2005 551
Pay for MAHOASHC. Editorial Oct 1, 2005 538
Deals on wheels: a Texas community hospital develops a detailed assessment tool for all IT purchases that accommodates input from a variety of internal users. Oct 1, 2005 1996
The math of healthcare. Sep 1, 2005 563
Capacity management: the bedrock of efficiency: Houston hospital takes the creative high road to managing patient flow and beds with wireless technology and hand-helds. Sep 1, 2005 2188
Right from the start: a Colorado ambulatory surgery center uses software to deliver clinical efficiency to physicians and timely billing and reimbursement to the back office. Sep 1, 2005 1392
News and old adages. Aug 1, 2005 545
Bye-bye, foot pedal--hello, efficiency: a New York community hospital adds speech recognition IT to its medical records line-up, increasing productivity and transforming itself into a service unit for other hospital departments. Aug 1, 2005 1440
Doodads and chotchkes. Editorial Jul 1, 2005 508
Strategy-driven growth: a Florida health plan employs a host of process changes and IT improvements to redirect its growth to a small business market. CRM plays an important role in automating the sales cycle. Jul 1, 2005 1669
URU, aren't you? Editorial Jun 1, 2005 548
Good problems: an Ohio hospital uses financial software to solve patient satisfaction problems--and as an added benefit, slices its A/R days by a third. Jun 1, 2005 1312
Good night, sweet Prince. Obituary May 1, 2005 518
Make mine McMedicine. Editorial Apr 1, 2005 550
Quality as a passion: CIGNA Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer W. Allen Schaffer, M.D., describes how a national health plan combines IT and human resources, and embraces national evidence-based standards, to influence the individual health status of millions of members. Apr 1, 2005 1199
Time for a change. Editorial Mar 1, 2005 550
Four F's equal A+: vice president and CFO Brian Dieter of Mary Greeley Medical Center discusses what it takes for a healthcare enterprise to replace its core system--and succeed with a big-bang implementation. Mar 1, 2005 1419
Quality with teeth: Washington medical groups join with Premera Blue Cross to quantitatively measure quality and quality improvement. Mar 1, 2005 1509
People power. Editorial Feb 1, 2005 510
The future of CIOs: Commonwealth Health Corp. CIO Matt Ebaugh speaks out on the changing role of the CIO--and how it may jeopardize the ability of healthcare organizations to compete. Feb 1, 2005 1407
NoP4NoP. Jan 1, 2005 548
Data at work: Maricopa County uses dedicated, online employer services from CIGNA HealthCare to streamline management of 16 health plans for employees. Jan 1, 2005 1037
From the outside in: Boston Medical Center CIO Meg Aranow discusses the enterprise art of cultivating new IT initiatives. Column Jan 1, 2005 1290
Stop, look, listen--and click: allowing employees to use the Internet for personal interest is a risk, but DeKalb Medical Center keeps itself safe and secure with the help of software. Jan 1, 2005 1479
Worth the wait: the choice of an EMR is one of the biggest a physician practice will make. C. Kerry Stratford, M.D., of St. George, Utah, performed the weighty due diligence necessary to make the right decision. Jan 1, 2005 1865
Holiday seasoning. Editorial Dec 1, 2004 555
Public trust. Nov 1, 2004 539
Do we need David Brailer? Editorial Oct 1, 2004 545
Business not as usual: Washington state community provider stretches an automated order entry system--and expands its functionality to include automation for referral management. Oct 1, 2004 925
Medication transformation: pharmacists on the floor: a midwest healthcare system takes bar code technology to new heights, as part of an enterprise initiative to optimize patient safety. Oct 1, 2004 1521
Now hear this: health plan's VoIP technology lets physician practices move to the front of the line for issues they can't resolve themselves using online self-service. Oct 1, 2004 1013
When bad things happen to good vendors. Editorial Sep 1, 2004 539
The health plan as a change agent: Aetna uses EBM, data analysis and a moderated, personal touch to effect changes and improvements in physicians' treatment plans. Sep 1, 2004 1237
Here today, here tomorrow. Book Review Aug 1, 2004 534
Self-service done right: New England health plan combines IT consolidation, outsourcing, Web-based technology and process redesign to achieve its business strategy. Aug 1, 2004 979
Show me the money? Jul 1, 2004 542
Perfect pitch. Jun 1, 2004 544
Mission accomplished: a small Iowa hospital generates big results to its bottom line and achieves HIPAA transaction compliance in the process. Jun 1, 2004 1025
How far is too far? Editorial May 1, 2004 548
Tech and tenderness: TPA uses predictive modeling based on artificial intelligence, wrapped with personalized nurse intervention, to lead high-risk patients to medical care. May 1, 2004 1471
From here to publicity. Editorial Apr 1, 2004 543
The risks of readership. Editorial Mar 1, 2004 526
Targeted by tech. Feb 1, 2004 541
Thought leadership. Editorial Jan 1, 2004 540
From opaque to crystal clear: national health plan arms its members with sophisticated decision support tools to help them compare and contrast hospital performance for surgeries and treatment of serious medical conditions. Jan 1, 2004 1291
Robin's Classics. Dec 1, 2003 540
The EMR and patient safety. Nov 1, 2003 1051
EMRs, quality of care and patient perception: Tallahassee specialty practice proves that the power of EMRs extends far beyond its own walls and its practitioners. Nov 1, 2003 1651
Bells and Whistle--RIP. Editorial Oct 1, 2003 551
OD'd on HIPAA. Sep 1, 2003 533
A system with substance: Information Technology streamlines assessments and administration for Michigan-based substance abuse coordinating agency. Sep 1, 2003 1048
Inches, pages, ambitions and dreams. (From The Editor). Jul 1, 2003 551
HIPAA training comes of age: Oregon IDN trades its classroom approach to HIPAA training for online education and experiences overwhelming acceptance by employees. (HIPAA Compliance). Jul 1, 2003 1409
Behind the scenes. (From the Editor). Jun 1, 2003 544
Kicking and screaming. (From The Editor). Editorial May 1, 2003 547
IT reality show. (From The Editor). Editorial Apr 1, 2003 535
The Eleanor Rigby of HMT. (From The Editor). Mar 1, 2003 543
New attitude. (From The Editor). Feb 1, 2003 543
CRM builds market share: Arkansas health system uses CRM and target marketing to grow its business. (Profiles In IT). Feb 1, 2003 1338
In praise of vendors. (From The Editor). Column Jan 1, 2003 544
Heroes and Villains II. (From the Editor). Dec 1, 2002 572
IM and me. (From The Editor). Editorial Nov 1, 2002 568
More true tales. (From the Editor). Editorial Oct 1, 2002 531
Make me an offer. (From The Editor). Column Sep 1, 2002 537
Church, state and editors. (From the Editor). Editorial Aug 1, 2002 529
Trend tracking. (From The Editor). Jul 1, 2002 529
Mumbo jumboree. (From The Editor). Editorial Jun 1, 2002 523
A taste of crow. (From The Editor). Editorial May 1, 2002 531
Supporting steerage. (From The Editor). Editorial Apr 1, 2002 537
Eyes front forward. (From The Editor). Mar 1, 2002 531
Quality as a career. (From The Editor). Editorial Feb 1, 2002 537
Assessing risk based on episodes of care: software helps MCOs identify future risks and rally resources. (Managed Care). Feb 1, 2002 1259

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