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Blair's wheels beyond repair.

Byline: ian PARRI

IT was back in 1965 that the New Christy Minstrels recorded their hit comedy song Three Wheels On My Wagon. Lead vocalist Barry McGuire assured us "pioneers, they never say die" though Cherokees were on his tail as his wagon's wheels rolled off into the distance.

Gunslinger Bush's poodle Blair surely knows how he felt. He might ape the macho hero's words, "I'm singing a happy song" as "arrows fly, right on by", but must just as surely realise his game is up. He may hope to bide his time as "a mile up the road there's a hidden cave, and we can watch those Cherokees go galloping by". Fat chance.

The latest to plunge his tomahawk into Blair's back is Ynys Mn MP Albert Owen, hard on the heels of his scalping by Assembly culture minister Alun Pugh. They want the PM to outline a timetable for his departure, and heap quick before they lash him to a totem pole and leave him to rot.

It does show the Blair-wrought sea-change that Mr Owen complains home secretary Dr John Reid - an ex-member of the Communist Party -labelled those who want a change of leader "left wingers". Left wingers in the Labour Party? Perish the thought.

Blair will soon reach the final verse: "No wheels on my wagon, so I'm not rolling along, The Cherokees captured me, They look mad, things look bad. But I'm singing a happy song."

Not for much longer, pardner. Now where's that totem pole?
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 12, 2006
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