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Blair's dirty trick over hunt ban; yourLETTERS.

THE female hunt master who poured pro-hunt propaganda into Tony Blair''s willing ears at a luxury lunch party on the island of Elba in 1999 was apparently Chrissie Down of the North Cotswold Hunt.

Mr Blair saw fit thereafter, he says, to ignore the overwhelming support for a ban amongst both the British people and the House of Commons, and when he was outflanked by sheer numbers, and the ban passed into law, he made it his personal business to sabotage and weaken it to make it ineffective, and he instructed Hazel Blears, then in charge of the police, to instruct them not to enforce the law.

to 150 forget to address Despite the fact that the hunters get nearly all the media coverage in this country, due to the preponderance of hunters in powerful positions, nothing can alter the fact that the general public are infuriated and disgusted by the vicious cruelty which is at the heart of hunting. Tony Blair cannot care a jot for his reputation, having admitted to this most despicable and devious of dirty tricks, which deprived thousands of defenceless animals of the protection they desperately need.

Whoever becomes leader of the Labour party had better take careful note that here is a gross wrong which needs to be righted. They will receive no support from animal lovers in this country until they commit to strengthening the ban on hunting and showing these arrogant hunters that they are not above the law, even though they make it obvious that they believe they are.

Supporter of Wales Against Animal Cruelty, name and address supplied.


A pro-fox hunting demonstration complete with effigy of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair at the Royal Welsh Show: Mr Blair recently said a conversation with a lady hunt master had changed his mind about the ban
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 7, 2010
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