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BladeLogic Sets Standard for Data Center Automation and Provides Foundation for Utility Computing with Operations Manager Version 5.

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BEDFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 15, 2003

Customers Report Significant Time and Cost Savings Using

BladeLogic Software

BladeLogic, the number one provider of data center automation software, today announced the availability of BladeLogic Operations Manager(TM) version 5 which includes industry-leading features for dramatically reducing data center operating costs and improving IT responsiveness and security. With the rapid adoption of the company's software by many Fortune 500 companies, BladeLogic has drawn upon feedback from a sophisticated customer base in designing innovative enhancements that intelligently automate server and application provisioning and change, enable unprecedented visibility into IT operational costs and efficiency gains, and provide a highly secure and scalable management platform as a core foundation for a utility computing environment.

"With an ever-increasing number of servers, platforms and applications to manage, thousands of security vulnerabilities cropping up each year, and a high rate of change in the data center, today's IT managers have more on their plate than ever before," said Mark McNamara, Director of IT at WeightWatchers. "BladeLogic Operations Manager 5 enables us to automate the lifecycle of application infrastructure management which is essential to controlling costs while maintaining responsiveness to the business."

BladeLogic Operations Manager enables IT organizations to efficiently and securely provision and configure their UNIX, Linux and Windows servers and automate all ongoing changes required for release management, patch man agement, and configuration repair. Moreover, BladeLogic Operations Manager enables IT managers to proactively measure compliance to security and configuration policies and auto-correct discrepancies in order to maintain configuration consistency in the server environment. By providing the ability to effect large scale provisioning and change while still ensuring compliance to policies, Operations Manager 5 allows organizations to implement "Coherency" - which enables any change, across any platform, with any skill(TM). Many Fortune 500 and other leading companies including Electronic Arts, GE, Microsoft, Priceline, Sprint, SunGard, Qwest and WebEx use BladeLogic to address today's top data center challenges while laying the foundation for a true utility computing environment.

BladeLogic Operations Manager 5 expands the company's leadership in delivering enterprise-scale data center automation software that can be easily implemented, enabling a rapid return-on-investment.

Five Key Areas of Enhancements:

-- Transaction-safe Provisioning and Change - new capabilities

automate entire server stack provisioning - from O/S to

application layer - enabling IT to simulate, deploy, and undo

complex changes to distributed infrastructure.

-- Security - a centralized console and fine-grained role-based

access model make it easy to tightly control administration

activity without constraining productivity.

-- Management Reporting - a powerful management dashboard to

analyze operational activity relative to administration and

labor costs, conformity to operational policies, and service

level compliance by business service or IT group.

-- Enterprise Scale - a multi-tiered architecture with an

integrated workload manager to support thousands of servers

across multiple locations, enabling the highest levels of

scalability and performance available in the industry today.

"Intelligent configuration management and on-demand computing technologies are becoming mainstream, with major investment beginning in server management technology," says Corey Ferengul with Meta Group. "Users are seeking targeted solutions, such as those that can attack the complexity of managing molecular-like configuration components in easily manageable infrastructure and business services. This aligns IT with the needs of the business and provides the platform for automated service-level provisioning and change."

Highlights of BladeLogic Operations Manager 5

Transaction-safe Provisioning and Change

-- Provisioning Manager - automate customized deployment of O/S's

to bare metal servers cutting provisioning time to minutes and

providing far more efficiency and flexibility over image-based

approaches. O/S provisioning jobs can be combined with

application deployment jobs to instantly provision the entire

software stack.

-- Package Editor - enable easy editing of intricate deployment

instructions in BladeLogic Package Module (BPM) including

sequencing, parameterization, and rollback for unparalleled

provisioning control.

-- Job Orchestration - intelligently automate large, complex

provisioning tasks (e.g., to deploy a distributed supply chain

application). Combines multiple packages, jobs and

instructions into a "meta job" to perform coordinated actions

across systems.

-- Simulator - ensure successful first-time deployments. A

sophisticated simulation engine validates dependencies and

availability of relevant resources, and checks for

configuration conflicts before deployment.

Compliance Management

-- Patch Manager - automate the entire patch management process

on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers. Companies can easily

define patch-specific policies or download vendor-recommended

templates, compare live servers against policies to identify

missing patches, and safely remediate discrepancies across

thousands of servers.

-- Auditing - enable more fined-grained configuration analysis on

live servers to track changes, identify policy discrepancies,

and discover assets available for consolidation.

-- Synchronization - quickly and accurately remediate

configuration inconsistencies (discovered by auditing) by

isolating non-compliant configuration objects and

synchronizing them with defined policies.

-- Recovery - restore any historical configuration or policy by

tracking and storing incremental changes over time.

-- Administration Engine - automate any ad-hoc task, program or

script from a command line as a job in the GUI. Captures best

practices of specialists in a repeatable process and empowers

generalists to perform complex tasks.


-- Access Control Console - control who does what to specific

servers and components, and when. Built upon a granular

role-based security model, the new console enables management

to easily create various roles with a defined set of available

functions based on specific responsibilities, privileges and

skill sets.

-- Authentication and Encryption - industry-leading support for

security standards including PKI/X.509 certificates, Secure

Remote Password, and SSL/TLS to provide the highest level of

data security available today.

Management Reporting

-- BladeLogic Operations Portal - enable management to easily

track, aggregate, and correlate operational and user activity

associated with different platforms to labor costs, conformity

to operational and security policies, and service level

compliance by business service or IT department.

Enterprise Scale

-- Multi-tier Architecture - enables server clustering, as well

as interactive and scheduled job management for efficient

resource utilization and unlimited horizontal scaling when

managing thousands of servers.

Costs security and responsiveness are consistently cited as the top issues for IT managers today due to the rapid growth of servers and distributed applications, and an increasing rate of change inherent to these complex environments. Industry analysts estimate that because of infrastructure complexity and manual processes 75% of data center operating costs are administrative, 78% of downtime is from misconfigurations, and 95% of security breaches are due to unpatched and misconfigured servers.

"While the perceived benefits of utility computing have generated a lot of interest recently, very few vendors have delivered the products to make this vision a reality," said Dev Ittycheria, President and CEO, BladeLogic. "With BladeLogic Operations Manager 5, we provide a way for companies to automate today's data center operations, dramatically reduce costs, and build a roadmap to a true computing environment while aligning IT operations with the business from day one."

BladeLogic Operations Manager 5 is in general availability and supports Windows, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX server platforms.

About Bladelogic

BladeLogic is the #1 one provider of data center automation software with a large installed base of Fortune 500 customers including Charter, GE, Microsoft, Sprint, SunGard, and Qwest. BladeLogic Operations Manager(TM) enables any change, across any platform, with any skill - allowing companies to efficiently provision, configure, and manage today's complex application infrastructure with a proven return-on-investment in 3-6 months. BladeLogic is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts. For more information, visit the Bladelogic Web site at
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Date:Sep 15, 2003
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