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Blade pins need curing time!

Mechanic, you know how important it is to inspect Black Hawk blade pins for proper tension and security during the 10-hr/14-day inspection.

Well, it's just as important to allow enough time for the dry film lubricant to dry on those blade pins before you reinstall them during the 500-hour inspection. It usually takes about 6 hours for dry film lubricant, NSN 9150-01-260-2534, to dry at 70[degrees]F Then place the pins hack into the rotor head.

If you put the pins back in the blade cuff before the lube dries completely, it'll act like glue. The pins seize up and you won't be too happy spending extra time wrestling with a stuck blade pin at the next inspection.

To get a seized blade pin out, you'll have to use a 6-in extension, a squirt of WD-40 to loosen it, and a rubber mallet to tap it out. A blade pin that is seized in the blade cuff must be replaced only if it's damaged or dissassembled for removal.

Pay attention and don't install blade pins in a rush just to get in some flight time.
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