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Blacks in the West.

Gallop across the untamed West with the recollections and stories of African American trail blazers.

The Adventures of Elizabeth Fortune by K. Follis Cheatham Blue Heron Publishing, October 1999 $16.95 ISBN 0-936-08544-4

Elizabeth Fortune after being disowned by her grandfather is forced to quit school and rely on all her personal resources in order to survive. For a young woman in the 1800's it was hard enough, but for someone of mixed racial heritage the world was a cold and lonely place. This intriguing adventure explodes with action and suspense.

The African American West: A Century of Short Stories Edited by Bruce A. Glasrud and Laurie Champion

University Press of Colorado, February 2000, $29.95 ISBN 0-870-81559-8 Early twentieth-century writers, such as Charles Chestnutt, are placed alongside contemporary authors, including Walter Mosley, to demonstrate the Western experience as seen through African American lenses. Containing forty-six short stories and an extensive bibliography, this book is an excellent resource for those readers interested in modern literature and African American history.

Not All Okies Are White: The Lives of Black Cotton Pickers in Arizona by Geta LeSeur

University of Missouri Press, March 2000, $19.99, ISBN 0-826-21271-9. LeSeur beautifully recaptures the lives of African American, Hispanic and Native American migrant workers in the first half of the century through richly detailed interviews with their families.

The Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West by William H. Leckie

University of Oklahoma Press, December 1999, $14.95, ISBN 0-806-11244-1 A story of the famous Negro soldiers who wanted to remain in the United States Army after the Civil War and were organized into the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry Regiment.

Black Frontiers: A History of African American Heroes in the Old West by Lillian Schlissel

Aladdin Paperbacks, January 2000, $7.99, ISBN 0-689-83315-6 Forget the spaghetti westerns, here's the real thing. Schlissel tells of the life and times of the black men and women who settled the West from 1865 to the early 1900s and richly illustrates with black and white reproductions of some of the mountain men, homesteaders, soldiers, cowboys and scouts who took part in the western expansion.

West of the Border: The Multicultural Literature of the Western American Frontiers by Noreen Groover Lape

Ohio University Press, September 2000, $24.95, ISBN 0-821-41346-5 Expanding the scope of frontier literature with a comprehensive examination of 19th and 20th century work by African, Native, Asian and Euro-American western writers, this collection is a must for those interested in the multicultural work created during the greatest period of American western expansion.
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Publication:Black Issues Book Review
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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