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Aspira, Black Women's Health Imperative lead congressional briefing. Sep 30, 2021 186
Misogynoir Transformed: Black Women's Digital Resistance. Sobande, Francesca Sep 1, 2021 1503
The Association between Outdoor Artificial Light at Night and Breast Cancer Risk in Black and White Women in the Southern Community Cohort Study. Xiao, Qian; Gierach, Gretchen L.; Bauer, Cici; Blot, William J.; James, Peter; Jones, Rena R. Report Aug 1, 2021 3077
Black Women's Lives in the Archives: Angela Bowen's Ancestral Legacy. Smith, Holly Aug 1, 2021 867
1984 Article about SAGE: A Scholarly Journal on Black Women in Soujourner: The Women's Forum by Angela Bowen. Bowen, Angela Aug 1, 2021 1342
PROXIMITY OF VIOLENCE & OUR BLACK WOMAN BODIES. Browne, Mahogany L. Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2021 1004
Experiences unique and shared: Three Black women offer their personal insights about healthcare. Kishpaugh, Kimberly Mar 22, 2021 1203
Black women more likely to develop major depression after early pregnancy loss. Splete, Heidi Feb 1, 2021 528
Black women with HIV at high risk of peripartum depressive symptoms. Splete, Heidi Dec 1, 2020 492
SheaMoisture premieres campaign. Nov 23, 2020 603
Cantu joins forces with Black women in beauty. Nov 23, 2020 204
Black Women, Latinas Poised To Start A Political Revolution. Nov 13, 2020 839
Pandemic's Toll On Young Black Women. Nov 5, 2020 579
Student starts her own business that supports black women. Nov 5, 2020 307
Social factors predicted peripartum depressive symptoms in Black women with HIV. Splete, Heidi Nov 1, 2020 562
Social factors predict symptoms in Black women with HIV. Splete, Heidi Nov 1, 2020 625
Cesarean birth and maternal morbidity among Black women and White women after implementation of a blended payment policy. Snowden, Jonathan M.; Osmundson, Sarah S.; Mph, Menolly Kaufman; Peterson, Cori Blauer; Kozhimannil, Report Oct 1, 2020 7976
Black Women Still under-represented in IT. Sep 1, 2020 205
MTV Base Celebrates The Leading Black Women In Music With 'Queens Of Base'. Aug 28, 2020 491
How Black women cleared a path for Harris to be the VP pick. KAT STAFFORD Associated Press Aug 20, 2020 1193
Black women's natural hair may hinder job prospects, study finds. Kelsey Butler Bloomberg Aug 16, 2020 344
Kamala Harris' selection as VP resonates with Black women. KAT STAFFORD Associated Press Aug 13, 2020 1222
Black Women and the Law: Combating systemic racism, mentorship seen as key to helping Black women thrive in legal profession. Elfman, Lois May 14, 2020 1415
JULIE DASH: CHALLENGING THE PARADIGM. Francis, Terri Interview Jan 1, 2020 8306
In pictures: Five top beauty pageants in the world won by black women this year. Anjana Kumar, Web Reporter Dec 16, 2019 993
The Black Women's Health Imperative Unveils First-Of-Its-Kind Policy Agenda Addressing HIV/AIDS Epidemic Among Black Women. Dec 6, 2019 602
Permanent Hair Dye Use Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk; Significantly increased risk seen in black women; risk also increased with application of dye to others. Dec 5, 2019 263
Most Docs Don't Know Hair Care Is a Barrier to Exercise for Black Women. Nov 14, 2019 349
Marriage, Divorce and Distress in Northeast Brazil: Black Women's Perspectives on Love, Respect, and Kinship. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 119
Searching for Sycorax: Black Women's Hauntings of Contemporary Horror. Book review Nov 1, 2019 247
Searching for Sycorax: Black Women's Hauntings of Contemporary Horror. Book review Nov 1, 2019 246
CCCA called an epidemic in black women. Bosworth, Ted Nov 1, 2019 785
Black Women Slaves Who Nourished A Nation: Artistic Renderings of Wet Nurses in Brazil. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 162
The Grind: Black Women and Survival in the Inner City. Book review Nov 1, 2019 126
The Grind: Black Women and Survival in the Inner City. Book review Nov 1, 2019 125
Portugal's First Black Women Lawmakers Take Office. AFP News Oct 25, 2019 432
Black Women's Health Imperative Launches Positive Period! Campaign to Address Menstrual Product Insecurities in Georgia and Africa. Oct 4, 2019 416
Older black women on Medicare have worse outcomes after fragility fracture. Craven, Jeff Oct 1, 2019 868
The Making and Silencing of "Axe-Ocracy" in Brazil: Black Women Writers' Spiritual, Political and Literary Movement in Sao Paulo. Ohmer, Sarah Oct 1, 2019 10051
Eclipsed: Darkness, Light, and Motherhood in the Sexualized Drug Economy of Moonlight. Watkins-Hayes, Celeste; Byrd, Rikki; Merritt, Candice Critical essay Sep 22, 2019 6430
Art On The Vine 2019 Convening Highlights Experience of Black Women in Art. Aug 8, 2019 657
Factors Associated with Initial Mode of Breast Cancer Detection among Black Women in the Women's Circle of Health Study. Szukis, Holly A.; Qin, Bo; Xing, Cathleen Y.; Doose, Michelle; Xu, Baichen; Tsui, Jennifer; Lin, Yon Jul 31, 2019 11670
Sisters of the Academy: A 'Hidden " Gem' for Black Women in Higher Education. Pennamon, Tiffany Jul 11, 2019 1793
Drawing breath from perforated lungs. Motswatswa, Kelebogile Column Jul 1, 2019 1296
Notes From the Field. Kelly, Jill E. Column Jun 22, 2019 1724
"THE GRASS IS GREENER OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE": And 5 other things I wish as young Black woman. McMillian, Laurise Jun 1, 2019 1529
The Roe v Wade decision has led to the deaths of over 20 million Black babies. Jun 1, 2019 819
Representation and Stereotypes of Black Women in Brazilian Film. Candido, Mareia Rangel; Junior, Joao Feres May 1, 2019 9281
Statement from Mocha OB on Black Maternal Health Week and the Recommendations for Black Women Health Initiatives. Apr 17, 2019 1730
The Black Women's Health Imperative & The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Aim to Increase Impact with New Partnership. Apr 17, 2019 504
Prevalence of comorbidities in women with and without breast cancer in Soweto, South Africa: Results from the SABC study. Ayeni, O.A.; Joffe, M.; Cubasch, H.; Rinaldi, S.; Taljaard, C.; Vorster, E.; Romieu, I.; Norris, S.A Apr 1, 2019 8139
THE REVOLUTION OF BLACK WOMEN CYCLING: I didn't learn to ride a bicycle as a child, in fact, while the interest to learn began some years back, only this year, a couple of months shy of thirty, can I confidently say I can ride a bicycle. I got one for my birthday last year, from someone who pays far too much attention to me and the things I want. Her name -the bike- is Bella, easily the cutest bicycle you've ever seen! Mwiya, Munukayumbwa Apr 1, 2019 941
TRY TEXTING: It boosts postpartum hypertension monitoring in black women. Sullivan, Michele G. Apr 1, 2019 799
Black Women as Leaders: Challenging and Transforming Society. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 115
Black Women Who Dared. Book review Mar 22, 2019 110
White model who 'changed race' reckons she's 'empowering' black women; Martina Big has boldly claimed that she has been asked to teach black women she has met on her travels how to be beautiful. Mar 10, 2019 692
Odell Beckham Jr. Denies Disliking Black Women. Mar 6, 2019 268
The Black Women's Health Imperative Expands Leadership Team with New Communications & Development Executives. Mar 2, 2019 627
The Heart of the Race: Black Women's Lives in Britain. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 137
CHICAGO -- Two black women will face each other in a runoff for Chicago mayor aft. Feb 27, 2019 716
TRANSLATION STUDIES & BLACK WOMEN IN THE LIGHT OF FEMINISM. Araujo, Cibele de Guadalupe Sousa; Silva, Luciana de Mesquita; Silva-Reis, Dennys Jan 1, 2019 4676
Daughters and absent fathers: Triumph, loss and pain. Kamau, Gloria Njeri; Davies, Nick Report Dec 22, 2018 9619
"Don't Touch My Hair": Problematizing Representations of Black Women in Canada. Brown, Shaunasea Report Dec 15, 2018 11148
Not So Gifted: Academic Identity for Black Women in Honors. Davis, A. Musu Sep 22, 2018 8605
Black Women Researchers' Path to Breaking Silence: Three Scholars Reflect on Voicing Oppression, Self-reflexive Speech, and Talking Back to Elite Discourses. Owens, Latoya; Edwards, Erica B.; McArthur, Sherell A. Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2018 7912
Canadian Theatre Made for Black Women. Keleta-Mae, Naila Sep 22, 2018 6870
If You Can See It, You Can Be It: Black Panther's Black Woman Magic. Allen, Marlene D. Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 1372
FIVE FIERCE HUMANISTS UNAPOLOGETICALLY Black Women Beyond Belief. Cameron, Christopher Jul 1, 2018 2201
The Archive of Black Women's Memory: A Liberation Experience. Smith, Holly Essay Jun 22, 2018 1692
Fear discrimination at London nightclubs is widespread after claim black women charged more for entry; A councillor on Westminster City Council wants door policy discretion at nightclubs to be scrutinised. Jun 13, 2018 602
Calls to suspend nightclub's licence after claim black women were charged double to get in; Drama Park Lane says it has a "non-discriminatory policy" and is "urgently" investigating the allegation. Jun 11, 2018 711
Chemicals in Hair Products for Black Women Raise Concerns; Chemicals linked with endocrine disruption, asthma ID'd in hair products used by black women, children. May 18, 2018 242
Issa Rae skips Filipinos when advising black women to date Asians. May 2, 2018 323
Black Women in Sao Paulo Carnivals: Who are They (1921-1967)/Mulheres negras nos carnavais paulistanos: quem sao elas? (1921-1967). da Silva, Zelia Lopes May 1, 2018 8604
White golf course owners said 5 black women played too slow. Then they called the police. Apr 25, 2018 871
Modern Painting, the Black Woman, and Beauty Ideologies: Carrie Mae Weems' Photographic Series Not Manet's Type. Winiarski, Kelsey Rae Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 5933
Tackling Black Women's History: Historian Dr. Darlene Clark Hine is a pioneer in her field. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Mar 8, 2018 820
Beauty industry must change for black women - Campbell. Mar 3, 2018 191
The association between being overweight/obese and blood pressure in rural South African women living in the Tshino Nesengani (Mukondeleli) village. Gradidge, P.J-I.; Phaswana, M.; Cohen, E. Mar 1, 2018 4357
Walker's Legacy Launches #BEENBOSS Video Series to Celebrate Achievements of Black Women. Feb 13, 2018 400
Fibroid risk elevated in black women with CCCA. Splete, Heidi Feb 1, 2018 389
Bury My Heart in a Free Land: Black Women Intellectuals in Modern U.S. History. Book review Feb 1, 2018 176
The inner spirit of beauty contests. Goodwin, Clayton Feb 1, 2018 1355
Four: Rupturing the Genre: Un-Writing Silence in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah. Ndaka, Felix Mutunga Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 644
Meghan Markle's Engagement To Prince Harry Gives Black Women Hope. Dec 6, 2017 499
Dove releases racist ad showing black women becoming white. Oct 9, 2017 205
Marvel makes first African comic. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 142
A 'Derailed' Agenda? Black Women's Voices on Workplace Transformation. Mayer, Claude-Helene Aug 1, 2017 9220
Mayweather Calls Out McGregor For 'Disrespecting Black Women'. Jul 14, 2017 894
Subjectivity and intersectionality: sickness experiences of black women with sickle-cell disease/Subjetividade e interseccionalidade: experiencias de adoecimento de mulheres negras com doenca falciforme/Subjetividad e interseccionalidad: experiencias de enfermedad de mujeres negras con enfermedad falciforme. Xavier, Eliana Costa; Rocha, Katia Bones Jul 1, 2017 8204
Study Reveals Institutionalized Racism, Sexism against US Black Women. Jun 8, 2017 431
Preeclampsia/eclampsia rate highest in black women. Franki, Richard Jun 1, 2017 236
Black Women Millionaire Mentor Dr. Venus Opal Reese of Defy Impossible Announces Half-Day Business Training Tour in New Jersey & Chicago. Apr 20, 2017 269
Defy Impossible Half-Day Business Trainings: Strategies for Black Women Millionaires. Apr 13, 2017 624
Black Women Paid Around 21 Percent Less Than White Men In Tech: Survey. Apr 5, 2017 426
Study: Tech Industry Jobs Pay White Men The Most, Black Women The Least. Apr 4, 2017 613
Evaluation of vascular function in depigmented black women: Comparative study. Mbengue, Arame; Diaw, Mor; Akpo, Gerard; Deme, Hamidou; Ouedraogo, Valentin; Sow, Abdou K.; Diop, Ou Report Apr 1, 2017 2918
Exploration of the maternal semiotic for female subjectivity in Evaristo's the Emperor's Babe. Coskun, Kubra Kangulec Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 5192
Late-Stage Cancer More Likely In Black Women. Nov 16, 2016 347
Trick Daddy Calls Black Women 'Useless'. Oct 26, 2016 249
Nicki Minaj Has Decried The Double Standards In Media Against Black Women. Oct 12, 2016 382
Ava Puvernay: helping girls see themselves, onscreen and in print. Lang, Brent Oct 11, 2016 378
The Queen Sheba's Manifold Body: Creole Black Women Performing Sexuality, Cultural Identity, and Power in Seventeenth-Century Mexico City. Valerio, Miguel Alejandro Report Sep 22, 2016 7192
Network Offers Help to Black Women Seeking to Start and Grow a Business. Jul 27, 2016 405
Study links hair loss in black women with genetics. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jun 1, 2016 232
Who runs the world? Black female founders and venture capitalists are turning the white investment world on its head. Brown, Carolyn M. May 1, 2016 1007
16 Noted Black Women Artists and Activists Gather to Uplift Women; Sunni Patterson, Dominique Christina and Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka ​to Appear. Mar 31, 2016 453
Tweeps celebrate notable black women. Mar 30, 2016 334
When does a black woman's body become her own? Williams, Mariam Column Mar 11, 2016 748
Black Women In Jazz Open Golf tournament to Benefit A Change Generation Foundation. Mar 4, 2016 413
Debra Baker one of 2016's 25 Influential Black Women in Business. Feb 19, 2016 168
Professor's book celebrates work of black women. Jan 12, 2016 431
Woven identity: Rosana Paulino sewing black women's senses/Identidade tecida: Rosana Paulino costurando os sentidos da mulher negra. Marques, Tatiana Lee; Myczkowski, Rafael Schultz Jan 1, 2016 1878
So Many Black Women Are Dying Of AIDS. Dec 15, 2015 931
'Invisible' star blasts lack of black women. Dec 4, 2015 126
The role of African women in post-conflict peacebuilding: the case of Rwanda. Issifu, Abdul Karim Report Dec 1, 2015 6237
We've long known that White women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but Black women are more likely to develop--and die from--aggressive, hard-to-treat breast cancer. Nov 1, 2015 152
The practice of Lobola in contemporary South African Society. Parker, Glynis Essay Sep 22, 2015 5697
Fifth Annual National Black Women's Life Balance & Wellness Conference to be Held at Spelman College. Conference news Sep 12, 2015 472
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? Black Women and Alopecia. Aug 18, 2015 1848
One Chechen's journey from Georgia to the upper echelons of Daesh. Brief article Jul 15, 2015 287
Abused black women face more health risks. Wahowiak, Lindsey Jun 26, 2015 165
Best-picture nod for 'Selma' caps big year for black women in film. Cohen, Sandy Feb 17, 2015 885
You are not "ugly" for looking natural. Djanie, Akua Column Feb 1, 2015 1554
Two black trailblazers inspire my debut. Barnett, Lashonda Katrice Feb 1, 2015 576
Black women's health index launches at Annual Meeting in New Orleans. McGill, Natalie Jan 1, 2015 421
A first step for black women: reclaiming the aunt(y) jemima stereotype. Williams, Mariam Nov 21, 2014 791
US Cop Charged with Raping, Abusing 8 Black Women. Aug 30, 2014 166
Is routine biopsy of sonographically benign breast lesions in black African women under 40 years of age recommended? Kemp, M.L.; Andronikou, S.; Lucas, S.; Rubin, G. Report Jun 1, 2014 3349
The effects of sugar consumption on satisfaction with body size and weight among Black, Hispanic, and White females. Jacobi, Lora L.; Taylor, Judith M.; Fante, Rhiannon M. Report Jun 1, 2014 9007
Ragan Whiteside Wins Flutist of the Year in the 2014 Black Women in Jazz & Fine Arts Awards. May 7, 2014 536
Is Africa rising with women leading the way? Saba, Martha Conference notes May 1, 2014 1730
NextGen STEM: how our BE/Gates Foundation symposium advances the creation of Women of Power in science and technology. Brown, Carolyn M. Apr 1, 2014 855
Nutrition information-seeking behaviour of low-income pregnant Maghrebian women. Legault, Anik; Marquis, Marie Report Mar 22, 2014 4957
Atlanta to Host Black Women In Jazz Awards. Feb 16, 2014 389
Black women against the land grab; the fight for racial justice in Brazil. Book review Feb 1, 2014 140
Sasheer Zamata joins 'Saturday Night Live' cast amid black women controversy. Jan 7, 2014 107
A randomized study comparing skin staples with subcuticular sutures for wound closure at caesarean section in black-skinned women. Abdus-Salam, Rukiyat Adeola; Bello, Folasade Adenike; Olayemi, Oladapo Report Jan 1, 2014 5263
Black Power fists, the Bible and the contradictions of our lives. Williams, Mariam Dec 20, 2013 751
'SNL' wrestles with lack of black women. Bauder, David Nov 2, 2013 644
Saving lives: a breast cancer awareness advocate works to educate black women. Coleman, Chrisena Oct 1, 2013 681
Mythologizing Black women; unveiling white men's racist and sexist deep frame. Book review Oct 1, 2013 147
Racism is bad for your health. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 165
Using the margin to teach the center: teaching American history through black women's autobiographies. Morris, Tiyi M. Essay Sep 22, 2013 5278
"Sisters, mothers, daughters and aunties": HIV vaccine acceptability among African, Caribbean and other Black women in Toronto. Weaver, James; Newman, Peter A.; Williams, Charmaine C.; Massaquoi, Notisha; Brown, Marsha Report Sep 1, 2013 4283
Campaign shares breastfeeding information with black women. Currie, Donya Jul 1, 2013 175
No friends in the holy office: Black and Mulatta women healing communities and answering to the inquisition in seventeen century Mexico. Gonzales, Rhonda M. Jul 1, 2013 7817
Maria de Terranova: a West African woman and the quest for freedom in colonial Mexico. Silva, Pablo Miguel Sierra Essay Jul 1, 2013 8075
Black women get MS more: study counters belief that whites have highest rates. Seppa, Nathan Jun 15, 2013 368
Bleaching harms you more than skin deep. Ncube, Peace Jun 1, 2013 641
Justice for Ruth, but FGM flourishes in Liberia. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 297
Black women, atheist activism, and human rights: why we just cannot seem to keep it to ourselves! Fonza, Annalise Report Jun 1, 2013 5282
It's so tough for black women to make it on TV; ALESHA ON HER FAME. Apr 3, 2013 509
It's so tough for black women to make it on TV; ALESHA ON HER FAME. Apr 3, 2013 506
It's so tough for black women to make it on TV; ALESHA ON HER FAME. Apr 3, 2013 542
Black women in leadership; their historical and contemporary contributions. Book review Apr 1, 2013 188
Sweetwater; black women and narratives of resilience. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 216
An analysis of the power relations between white and black women in the slave narratives/Kole anlatilarinda beyaz ve zenci kadinlar arasindaki guc iliskileri. Peksen, Seda Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 5526
Crimes against nature: challenging criminalization of queerness and black women's sexuality. Ritchie, Andrea J. Mar 22, 2013 7818
Unheard voices in the community building process: the role of poor Black women in the U.S. during the mid-20th century. Hinton, Dawn Report Jan 1, 2013 7249
Black/white differences in perceived weight and attractiveness among overweight women. Chithambo, Taona P.; Huey, Stanley J. Report Jan 1, 2013 2788
Ghost Walking a Jamaican Woman Home. Simmonds, Idrissa Poem Sep 22, 2012 273
Obesity tied to lower fecundity in black women. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report Aug 1, 2012 673
Improve your relationship ... with your money: how four Atlanta women overcame their fears and changed how they relate to their finances. Royal, Leslie E. May 1, 2012 2271
Black women leaders 'approved for assertiveness at work'. Apr 30, 2012 525
Tempered radicals: black women's leadership in the church and community. Ngunjiri, Faith Wambura; Gramby-Sobukwe, Sharon; Williams-Gegner, Kimberly Report Apr 1, 2012 10302
Everything you wanted to know about your finances: but were too afraid to ask: looking at the numbers, there are financial issues that seem indicative to black women. They earn less money than men, 61 cents for every dollar. they have less net worth, one penny for every dollar of wealth owned by their male counterparts. Brown, Carolyn M. Apr 1, 2012 2344
Swimming upstream. White, Evelyn C. Essay Mar 22, 2012 736
The private/public space dichotomy: an Africana Womanist analysis of the gendering of space and power. Muwati, Itai; Gambahaya, Zifikile Report Mar 22, 2012 5287
A Black woman's search for the Transdisciplinary Applied Social Justice model: encounters with Critical Race Feminism, Black Feminism, and Africana studies. Pratt-Clarke, Menah Report Mar 1, 2012 7657
A process of becoming: U.S. born African American and Black women in a process of liberation from internalized racism. Ovea Williams, Tanya Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 276
Capturing democracy: Black women activists and the struggle for equal rights, 1920s-1970s. Thompson, Courtney L. Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 334
Loud silence: Black Women in the Academy Life Histories and Narratives. Kwakye, Chamara Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 102
Perceptions of African American Females: an examination of Black Women's images in rap music videos. Marie Pellerin, Marquita Report Mar 1, 2012 159
Saudades de Itapuaa: music, black identity, and community in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Tamia Nesmith, Nakisha Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 288
The Black woman's burden: images and perceptions of Black women from the White House to the academy. Hayes, Dianne Mar 1, 2012 1524
Uterine fibroids in black women. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 235
Early-life exposures and early-onset uterine leiomyomata in black women m the sister study. D'Aloisio, Aimee A.; Baird, Donna D.; DeRoo, Lisa A.; Sandler, Dale P. Report Mar 1, 2012 7959
Kelly Rowland honoured at Black Women in Music bash. Feb 10, 2012 171
Black women's perceptions of supportive care during childbirth. Etowa, Josephine B. Report Jan 1, 2012 3739
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper: a proto-Africana womanist. Hubbard, LaRese Essay Jan 1, 2012 5625
Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America. Henry, Charles P. Book review Dec 22, 2011 809
Herstories; leading with the lessons of the lives of black women activists. Book review Oct 1, 2011 150
Article about a woman's experiences with albinism. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 167
Overweight linked to higher mortality in black women. Moon, Mary Ann Oct 1, 2011 653
M/othering the Nation: Women's Bodies as Nationalist Trope in Edwidge Danticat's Breath, Eyes, Memory. James Alexander, Simone A. Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 12843
Reproducing Time, Reproducing History: Love and Black Feminist Sentimentality in Octavia Butler's Kindred. Hua, Linh U. Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 11868
Herpes risk highest in young black women. Splete, Heidi Aug 1, 2011 536
Making my body mine. Magenya, Sheena Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2011 1506
Black hair: accessory of pride. Itembu, Taimi Jul 1, 2011 794
Hands off! My body belongs to me! Women claiming their rights in Caprivi Region. Khaxas, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2011 1254
What would you want to be if you were the opposite sex? Brief article Jul 1, 2011 340
Policing black women's sexual expression: the cases of Sarah Jones and Renee Cox. Springer, Kimberly Essay Jun 22, 2011 5799
Study claiming Black women less attractive sparks international race row. Survey May 19, 2011 199
Gender, conflict, and community in Gayl Jones's Corregidora and Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy. Fulani, Ifeona Critical essay May 1, 2011 12971
The Blackgirl Needs Love (or When Cupid Gets Jacked). Forde, Soyini Ayanna Poem Mar 22, 2011 528
Reclaiming the erotic power of black women/Reclamando el poder erotico de la mujer negra/Ressaisir le pouvoir erotique des femmes noires. Marshall, Annecka Mar 1, 2011 10113
Why rap songs portray black women as 'oversexed jezebels, gold diggers'. Feb 6, 2011 328
Losing my soul: it is very sad, the things happening on the African continent. Each day, we just throw away a bit of our history, culture, and traditional practices. Oh yes, we are losing it all ... our identity as Africans, our culture, our belief systems, and our traditions are all dying because we want to go the European or American way. Djanie, Akua Feb 1, 2011 1717
Black women in interracial relationships; in search of love and solace. Book review Feb 1, 2011 151
We are all radical feminists now: reflections on 'a bit on the side'. Beall, Jo; Hassim, Shireen; Todes, Alison Report Jan 1, 2011 4689
Learning from life: as I recently celebrated my 40th birthday, I have been reflecting on a lot of things. And I must say, at the time when certain things happen, we sometimes do not understand. But looking back at the last 17 years of my life, I have to give thanks to God for it all. Djanie, Akua Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2010 1614
Black women's health; challenges and opportunities. Book review Dec 1, 2010 127
Efficacy of single-session HIV prevention intervention for black women, US. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 297
Black Woman. You Looking Good. Bayne, Clarence Poem Sep 22, 2010 226
Non-married women and Black ethnicity: an analysis of the likelihood of homeownership. Martin, Lori Latrice Report Sep 22, 2010 7537
Labor of love, labor of sorrow; black women, work and the family, from slavery to the present. Book review Aug 1, 2010 184
Black women's dollar. Choi, Jeannie Brief article Jul 1, 2010 200
The black woman and the beauty myth (Part 2). Djanie, Akua Column Jul 1, 2010 1543
A foundation laid by black women: This book is a mine of information for future works on black women's critical roles in 'uplifting the race.'. Hayes, Diana L. Book review Jun 11, 2010 705
The wealth chasm. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief article May 1, 2010 132
Why it matters if you're black or white: what black women need to know about breast cancer. Peters, Alison Mar 1, 2010 752
What's key in programs for black women. Hollander, Dore Report Mar 1, 2010 206
Repeat unintended, unwanted and seriously mistimed childbearing in the United States. Wildsmith, Elizabeth; Guzzo, Karen Benjamin; Hayford, Sarah R. Report Mar 1, 2010 8663
Racial disparities in stillbirth risk are greatest at preterm gestational ages. Rosenberg, J. Report Mar 1, 2010 661
Black women more likely to develop weakened heart muscle at childbirth. Feb 23, 2010 284
Black women undergraduates, cultural capital, and college success. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 121
The unchosen me; race, gender, and identity among black women in college. Book review Feb 1, 2010 163
Daily steps and postpartum mood in black women. Montgomery, Valda Harris Report Jan 1, 2010 4335
Neoliberalism, illiteracy, and poverty: framing the rise in black women's incarceration. Alfred, Mary V.; Chlup, Dominique T. Report Dec 22, 2009 7031
Increased dairy intake cuts risk of uterine fibroids in black women. Dec 5, 2009 420
The black women's beauty. Obumselu, Chuma Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2009 107
Why are we so ... troubled? Vukayi, Stuart Dec 1, 2009 1231
Women in Black: mobilization into anti-nationalist, anti-militarist, feminist activism in Serbia. Baiocchi, Maria Lis Report Dec 1, 2009 10647
Eroticism, spirituality, and resistance in Black women's writings. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 205
Black women in new South literature and culture. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 146
Exercising just one extra hour a week is extremely beneficial in lowering women's LDL cholesterol (the unhealthy kind), especially Black women. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 162
Confinement too costly for middle-class Black women. Dodson, Angela P. Oct 29, 2009 595
The black woman and the beauty myth. Djanie, Akua Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2009 1666
The effects of sexual assault on the identity development of Black college women. Henry, Wilma J. Report Sep 22, 2009 4523
Entrepreneurial spotlight: black women in business brainstorm. Michener, Tara Sep 1, 2009 317
Fewer highly educated black women getting married, having kids. Aug 9, 2009 370
Boycotts, buses, and passes; Black women's resistance in the U.S. South and South Africa. Book review Aug 1, 2009 151
Histories and "her stories" from the Bronx: excavating hidden hip hop narratives. LaBennett, Oneka Report Jul 1, 2009 9256
Care-sickness: Black women educators, care theory, and a hermeneutic of suspicion. Roseboro, Donyell L.; Ross, Sabrina N. Report Jun 22, 2009 10603
Lebert Joseph to the rescue: a positive trickster in Paule Marshall's Praisesong for the widow. Lavender, Isiah, III Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 7506
Osteoporosis often present in older black women. Splete, Heidi Brief article May 15, 2009 213
Black women more affected by domestic violence. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief article May 1, 2009 151
Building a community of leaders. Lott, Annya M. Brief article May 1, 2009 191
Despite years of struggle by women's health activists against unnecessary hysterectomy, Black women still have higher hysterectomy rates than White women. May 1, 2009 148
New African Woman is born: due to popular demand, New African Woman, which has been running as a regular supplement in New African since July 2008, has this month been launched as a stand-alone 100-page quarterly magazine in both English and French, the first time ever that a magazine has been launched simultaneously in the two languages, and to cover the whole continent. Okafor, Ogo May 1, 2009 417
The social grants and black women in South Africa: a case study of Bophelong Township in Gauteng. van Driel, Maria Case study May 1, 2009 7865
Black women three times more likely to develop aggressive breast cancer. Mar 25, 2009 220
Ageless the best secret is your attitude. Jere-Malanda, Regina Mar 1, 2009 1727
Older black women may have osteoporosis. Splete, Heidi Mar 1, 2009 236
Older black women do have osteoporosis. Splete, Heidi Brief article Feb 15, 2009 235
The look of love. Ndibo, Judy Amunga Feb 1, 2009 771
On the down low: black women come out, quiet as it's kept. Peters, Alison Jan 1, 2009 1438
Physical activity and weight retention in postpartum black women. Montgomery, Valda Harris Jan 1, 2009 4326
Black female millennial college students: dating dilemmas and identity development. Henry, Wilma J. Report Dec 22, 2008 4592
Abortion and women of color: the bigger picture. Cohen, Susan A. Dec 22, 2008 2453
Self-navigating the terrain: the absence of mentorship for Black women scholars could ultimately result in a dwindling pipeline. Anyaso, Hilary Hurd Nov 13, 2008 1524
For women only: when it comes to staying healthy, save yourself first: routine medical screenings can identify problems in their most treatable stage. Oct 1, 2008 496
Say no to sexual objectification full stop! It is not positive stories of black women from the past and present that need to be told. Robert Cooper asks New African Women to champion the issue of self-worth and to help stop the oversexualisation of black women. "The world should say full stop to sexually objectifying our sisters," he writes. Cooper, Robert Oct 1, 2008 1200
Radiation less likely after lumpectomy in blacks. Bullock, Lorinda Oct 1, 2008 597
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Clean. Miller, Denise Poem Sep 22, 2008 133
Black women: a trajectory of creativity, determination and organization/Mulheres negras: uma trajetoria de criatividade, determinacao e organizacao. Ribeiro, Matilde Report Sep 1, 2008 9109
Who is an "ideal" African Woman? What is "ideal" African Beauty? Jere-Malanda, Regina Editorial Aug 1, 2008 836
In Vogue token blackness?; As the special "Black issue Vogue" hit the newsstands amid massive excitement, Khadija Sharife argues that what Italian Vogue has done "is the worst form of tokenism-an instrument used to use minorities, to catalyze controversy but not necessarily change anything". Sharife, Khadija Critical essay Aug 1, 2008 1844
Ethnic drive for success; CAMPAIGN: Push for more black women entrepeneurs. Jul 29, 2008 274
Black is beautiful, even Vogue admits. Mansa, Abena Jul 1, 2008 1633
Gender and tabloids in Southern Africa - A study by gender links. Jun 1, 2008 1159
Cereal fiber cuts black women's diabetes risk. Moon, Mary Ann May 1, 2008 292
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Guided surgery treats fibroids in black women. Tucker, Miriam E. Feb 1, 2008 298
Your LIFE: Disease 'hits black women younger' HEALTH. Jan 17, 2008 330
Fiber helps black women fight diabetes. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 264
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Queen Latifah, unruly women, and the bodies of romantic comedy. Mizejewski, Linda Critical essay Dec 1, 2007 10631
Zambian beauties lead the way: African women are advancing rapidly in high-profile activities such as television presentation and beauty pageants ... and Zambians are in the vanguard of that advance, reports Clayton Goodwin. Goodwin, Clayton Nov 1, 2007 1175
Tribute to African women in finance. Versi, Anver Editorial Oct 1, 2007 751
Women power in African finance. Oct 1, 2007 5694
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Fall out. Cole, Harriette Sep 1, 2007 317
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Healthier future prescribed for black women at summit; Escalating rates of diabetes, heart attacks examined at Clark. May 16, 2007 506
Life after Imus: the debate has already begun over whether hip-hop culture perpetuates the denigration of Black women. Banerji, Shilpa May 3, 2007 562
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Will I ever get married? (do I really want to?). Samuels, Adrienne P. Apr 1, 2007 1001
Is there a shortage of Black men, or are women just too picky? 'Are Black women looking for love in the wrong places?'. Jerrels, Barry Apr 1, 2007 690

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