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Black mark for spelling.

I WAS interested to read your report about Gateshead Council's misspelling of the Cowen Street sign.

The misspelling is no surprise as they have form for that. What does surprise me is that they are 'embarrassed' and have changed the sign.

What about Ingleborough Drive in Ryton, which has carried a sign reading 'Inleborough Drive' since it was built? One resident told me she rang to complain once and was told the correct spelling was without a 'g.'.

I think the people of North Yorkshire, whose hill the street is named after, might differ on that.

Witness also Silvertop Terrace in Greenside - named after the Silvertop coal-owning family who once owned most of the houses in the village.

The sign there reads 'Silver Top Terrace' - presumably in the mistaken belief that the name refers to nearby dairy farms, and therefore with no respect for local history.

I wonder if any other readers have further examples? JOHN WHITEFIELD, Ryton, Gateshead

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 10, 2015
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