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Black list disciplining businessmen.

The number of newly registered firms is dropping yet the so-called black list of firms whose managers have been banned from doing business due to financial wrongdoings is expanding. According to the Central Register, the black list had 25,000 physical persons in end September and by end November their number reached 31,400. In fact, it is a list of managers and legal entities that due to their wrongdoings caused businesses to go bankrupt or had their accounts blocked.

"The black list that the Central Register opened in February this year made Macedonian businessmen much more careful when opening or closing firms. This year by 31 October, 5,100 new business were registered, which is by 700 fewer from the same period of last year," says Vanco Kostadinovski, director of the Central Register.

Most businessmen gladly accepted the drafting of the black list because they need to know whether a given manager opened or closed business and whether bankruptcy or court proceedings against a given firm are in progress.
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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Nov 24, 2011
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