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Articles from Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire (June 22, 2010)

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"Ancestors". Cowans, Adger Photograph 279
"My Take": Fall 2010 Black Renaissance Noire: for nearly a century, from roughly 1920 unto me present day, 2010, European-Americans and Europeans have been copying or imitating the cultural productions, style and various forms of African-Americans, Africans and other people of color without acknowledging in public this was in fact taking place. Editorial 2003
A conversation with Ntozake Shange: Alexs Pate's interview with Ntozake Shange was part of the NOMMO African American Authors Series, a program of the Givens Foundation for African American Literature with support from the University of Minnesota. Pate, Alexs Interview 5860
A Holistic Approach to Famine. Basso, Vincent Poem 1766
A Lesson in Taxonomy, or, "Filipino Plant Eats Rat". Hahn, Kimiko Poem 272
A Talk with my Grandson, Age Six. Coleman, Wanda Poem 267
Abuelo, Mi Muerto. Girmay, Aracelis Poem 468
After Seeing The Ascent by Larisa Shepitko. Howe, Fanny Poem 393
Aubade. Alexander, Meena Poem 194
Balm of Gilead. Daaood, Kamau Poem 336
Bill Gunn ... Climbing The Seven Monied Medias. Interview 6360
Boneshepherds' Lament. Rosal, Patrick Poem 871
By Secret Ways. Rendon, Fernando Poem 245
Desire. Rendon, Fernando Poem 142
Destiny. Rendon, Fernando Poem 138
Djali II. Daaood, Kamau Poem 195
El Anatsui. Anatsui, El Sculpture 230
Example. Alvarez, Amy Poem 153
Fly. Alvarez, Amy Poem 334
For Marsha Moore. Mercado, Nancy Poem 120
For the Iron Workers. Mercado, Nancy Poem 108
From the Moment You Died. Mercado, Nancy Poem 290
Going to Work. Mercado, Nancy Poem 130
Grus and Fuss. Coleman, Wanda Poem 189
Homemade Hot Sauce. Mercado, Nancy Poem 236
In My Perfect Puerto Rico. Mercado, Nancy Poem 180
In the Garden of Freemasons, Kolkata. Alexander, Meena Poem 218
Indian Ocean flows: May Joseph speaks with Meena Alexander. Joseph, May Interview 3577
Juneteenth. Daaood, Kamau Poem 341
Leonardo Drew. Drew, Leonardo Sculpture 288
Lineage. Daaood, Kamau Poem 155
Living in the World. Alexander, Meena Poem 367
Michel Rovelas: A Signature Window on Guadeloupe. Troupe, Margaret Porter Interview 4094
Miles Little Church. Alvarez, Amy Poem 101
Moroccan mint layla. Cruz, Victor Hernandez Essay 12646
Movement. Rendon, Fernando Poem 179
Night. Girmay, Aracelis Poem 222
Observation. Alvarez, Amy Poem 150
Ode to the Aperture. Hahn, Kimiko Poem 312
Ode to the Straw. Hahn, Kimiko Poem 138
On the reflection. Rendon, Fernando Poem 168
One Man Acts Alone Against Death. Coleman, Wanda Poem 154
Question Time. Alexander, Meena Poem 146
Resurrection Day. Alexander, Meena Poem 609
Science. Girmay, Aracelis Poem 141
Silence. Mercado, Nancy Poem 161
Sponges and Bad Behavior. Hahn, Kimiko Poem 289
The Color. Howe, Fanny Poem 187
The Dead. Mercado, Nancy Poem 139
The Trouble Ball. Espada, Martin Poem 911
They Abandon the search for Federico. Coleman, Wanda Poem 177
Venture Capital. Hahn, Kimiko Poem 193
Vintage. Rendon, Fernando Poem 153
What "Slave Trade"? (Toward an Afrocentric Rectification of Terms). Chinweizu Essay 9409
What Archeologists Will Say. Mercado, Nancy Poem 160
What the Gin Rummy Queen Taught Me. Coleman, Wanda Poem 184
Where My Blues Done Been. Coleman, Wanda Poem 179
Written on Steps in Winter. Howe, Fanny Poem 646

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