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Black Friday, Cyber Monday: Crunchtime.

The total number of packages shipped and delivered in the United States to Luxer One clients during Black Friday increased by 68 percent, compared to the week before Black Friday. This jump follows the surge trend experienced in 2017, when package volume increased by 80 percent pre-Black Friday compared to post-Black Friday.

Apartment communities saw 5 percent more packages than in 2017. On an individual level, shoppers ordered more packages this year than the 2017 Black Friday weekend--but not by a large margin. The week following Black Friday 2018 saw more packages per day delivered than in 2017-and for that matter, any other week in history.

Parcel Pending reports that its property clients saw year-over-year growth of 20 percent in package deliveries during Cyber Monday week and a 63 percent bump in deliveries during that week compared to non-holiday weeks.

One robust example was Waterton's Presidential Towers in Chicago. The community received 5,521 packages through Luxer One Nov. 8-22 (the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving), and then delivery volume jumped to 9,074 packages in the two weeks after Black Friday.

"Generally speaking, shoppers seem to have settled into a groove; properties that had our lockers last year saw only 5 percent more total packages delivered this year during the same time period," says Melody Akhtari, Director of Communications, Luxer One.

This year, 75 percent more packages were delivered to oversized lockers in the week after Black Friday than the previous week.

"Besides giving this unique locker its biggest workout of the year, this increase highlights one of the most important ways a property can future-proof their package management solution: Pay attention to scalability," she says. "This scalability created a safety net that ensured thousands of packages were securely delivered to the lockers, instead of forcing the carriers to attempt delivery later or leave the packages in the open, leaving them vulnerable to package theft."

Residents picked up their packages 43 percent faster this year. The average pickup time for 2018 is 16.4 hours. By 10 days after Black Friday, the rate had dropped to only 9.4 hours.

"This happened naturally; residents are just inherently more excited to pick up their packages during the holiday season," Akhtari says.

Daily package volume is continued to rise in December. For property managers, Black Friday is only the beginning. The package delivery spike is on track to remain elevated throughout December, Akhtari says. Two weeks after Black Friday, daily delivery volume has climbed to 98 percent higher than usual.

--Paul R. Bergeron III, NAA

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Author:Bergeron, Paul R., III
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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