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Articles from Black Enterprise (June 1, 2005)

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A missed changing of the guard? Clement, Kathleen Letter to the Editor 111
A northern crown: for Keith Baker, Toronto reigns. Alleyne, Sonia 495
Advertising agencies. Illustration 284
Amendment seeks $78m in SBA loans; the Senate passes budget measure to restore critical programs. Jones, Joyce 445
Asset managers. Illustration 350
Auto dealers. Illustration 2154
Auto dealerships. Illustration 163
Back talk with Maxine Waters. Meeks, Kenneth Interview 865
Banks. Illustration 673
Best of Bermuda: sun, sights, and a gourmet taste of the tropics. Jackson, Lee Anna 506
Billion-dollar dealer: Prestige automotive is the first black-owned auto dealership to achieve this earnings milestone. Behind the wheel is a CEO focused on maximizing profits while grooming future business leaders. Johnson, James C. Company Profile 1976
Black business is black wealth. Graves, Earl G., Jr. 1051
Bold players new strategies: staking a claim in the mainstream. Dingle, Derek T. 1555
Bush slashes funds for key programs; the growing budget crunch may squeeze the middle class and business owners. Ruffin, David C. 594
Changing lanes: in a tough market, auto dealerships make quick moves to boost the bottom line. Hocker, Cliff Industry Overview 2099
Changing spaces: a Georgia couple renovates their new home. Jenkins, Maureen 449
Closing the gap: our economists agree that homeownership and retirement planning are a potent pair when it comes to building net worth. Korn, Donald Jay 2077
Cochran's legacy extends beyond courtroom; brilliant legal mind who succumbed to brain tumor inspired hope and changed lives. Wade, Marcia; Harris, Hamil R. Obituary 593
Convention calendar. Calendar 129
Count on this: new report on the number of blacks on corporate boards. Alleyne, Sonia 485
Critical mass: when Dimensions International acquired fellow BE 100s firm SENTEL Corp., it created a new force in the homeland security sector. Hughes, Alan Company Profile 2582
Don't charge away your benefits. Brinkley, Rene 1604
Don't give up your day job; E.M.B.A.s offer a degree--and work security. Egodigwe, Laura 686
Financial Empowerment Series returns. Brief Article 92
Finding the right formula for growth: from joint ventures to divestitures, the BE industrial/service 100 used a mix of strategies to beat the competition. Spruell, Sakina P. Industry Overview 2056
First Impressions, lasting impressions. Clarke, Robyn D. Book Review 190
Former publisher turns to travel. Townes, Glenn Brief Article 89
Freshman class. Brief Article 150
From here to there. Clarke, Robyn D. Brief Article 206
Fund of funds: Fairview Capital used a razor-sharp strategic focus and high-powered talent to build a $1.6 billion private equity enterprise. Spruell, Sakina P. Cover Story 2776
Generating buzz on the street: guerrilla marketing street teams serve as the eyes and ears of urban consumers. Massie, Michelle K. 574
Get ready for summer's most anticipated event. Brief Article 166
Get the word out! Brief Article 176
Get to the point: learn to communicate concisely. Clarke, Robyn D. 466
Getting the right mix: independent record label finds success by representing a diverse group of artists. McCrea, Bridget 551
Going after their goals: with little consumer debt and a solid household income, the Turners are ready to accelerate their financial plans. Brown, Carolyn M. 1041
Going for growth: SBK-Brooks Investment Corp. CEO says sector selection is key. Lewis, Nicole 760
Growth from within: E. Morris Communications Inc. gained market share in a less than stellar environment by turning to existing clients. Sykes, Tanisha A. 2004
Health plan query hurting or helping us? Insurers that ask about race claim knowledge will help close gaps in healthcare. Reed, Keith Brief Article 321
Helping redefine a career in sports. Hamilton, Amber M. Letter to the Editor 95
High yields, on the house: if you're worried about rising interest rates, Ginnie Mae funds are safe. Korn, Donald Jay 544
Holding their ground: to win today's turf wars, BE financial services firms must develop new products and find strategic partners. McKinney, Jeffrey 2951
In black face: the good, the bad, and the ugly is the history of her collection. Drakes, Sean 445
Industrial/service companies. Illustration 2518
Insurance and healthcare revival: Kiln Weaver's focus on out-of-favor industries delivered solid returns. Lewis, Nicole 536
Investment banks. Illustration 278
Is AIDS awareness a paradox? Despite programs, record numbers of blacks are infected or dead. Davis, Meredith 376
Lest we forget. Granby, S.D. Letter to the Editor 169
Let's broaden the playing field. Favors, Jerry Letter to the Editor 165
Longtime guide. Johnson, Veronica D. Letter to the Editor 162
Managing your home equity line: Todd Brown used credit to build his real estate business. Devonish, Wayne 666
No parallels between buying power and wealth: blacks have more money available but should save, not spend. Holmes, Tamara E. 565
Open after dark: starting a nightclub is tough, but with the right location, look, and a little bit of luck, you can make millions. Harris, Wendy Brief Article 2449
Power up your proposal: here's what it takes to get a potential client to say yes to your pitch. Gilliam, Stacy 342
Private equity firms. Illustration 277
QA: It's a new day. Alleyne, Sonia Brief Article 249
QA: Legal laptops. Johnson, James C. Brief Article 230
QA: Protecting your credit rating. Sykes, Tanisha A. Brief Article 224
QA: Retire on $3,000 a year? Scott, Matthew S. Brief Article 285
QA: Secondhand start. Johnson, James C. Brief Article 267
QA: The road to self-sufficiency. Sykes, Tanisha A. Brief Article 252
Ready for takeoff: sound strategies and high risks boost entrepreneurs to the other side of sacrifice--better known as success. Richardson, Nicole Marie Company Profile 2157
Reginald Lewis: the deal heard 'round the world: his $985 million buyout of TLC Beatrice set the bar for the next generation. Dingle, Derek T. 658
Research or rubbish? Wallace-Benjamin, Joan Letter to the Editor 134
Reshaping the telecom landscape: COMTek executive delivers new broadband option. Calypso, Anthony 577
Rubbing elbows in cyberspace: more professionals are connecting through online networking. Jones, Karen 406
Save now for later: here are 7 everyday strategies to put more cash in your coffers. Leftwich, Siobhan 1750
Setting a presidential precedent. Ali, Omar H. Letter to the Editor 109
Sheltering his business: James Wiley uses tax strategies to build wealth. Lewis, Nicole 1062
Soaring on the winds of change. Editorial 459
Sour auto power: think you've bought a lemon? Here's where you can go for help. Royal, Leslie Guess 1056
Squeeze play: is America's offshoring movement hurting black businesses? Many are applying innovative strategies to buck the trend. Anderson, James A. 2208
Straight and to the point: the new focus of executive education is job-specific. Egodigwe, Laura 578
Striving for more: Gwen Moore worked her way from welfare to Washington. Clarke, Robyn D. Biography 656
Student loan survival guide: drowning in student loans? Save yourself from debt using our simple step-by-step plan. Hayslett, Chandra M. 2067
The big sell-off! Tips for a successful yard sale. Johnson, Raelyn Brief Article 302
The Billion Dollar Roundtable. Klimley, April W. Advertisement 4791
The hot spot: Diann Valentine on how to make your party a summer hit. Alleyne, Sonia 608
The importance of youth. Arnold, Venisha Letter to the Editor 123
To tell the truth: voice-stress technology analyzes angry customers, wayward spouses, and everyone in between. Haley, Fiona 520
Up to par: inventor tells how he got a patent for his new golf game. Janis, Robert 475
Update: the 75 most powerful blacks in Corporate America: holding true to their titles, some of these movers and shakers have made power moves recently, while others were less fortunate. 676
Web highlights. Brief Article 103
What's the 411? Privacy concerns at center of wireless telephone directory. Royal, Leslie Guess 629
When Reginald Bowser launched RolloverSystems Inc., a 401(k) rollover company. Paterson, Philana Brief Article 105
Winds of change: amid shifting dynamics, black ad agencies are adapting to stay alive. Harris, Wendy 1849

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