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Articles from Black Enterprise (October 1, 2002)

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`No bad days': Sherry B. Williams excels as a Mary Kay sales pro while battling breast cancer. (Guts & Glory). Smothers, Shani Biography 1199
A family affair: now more than ever, family-owned businesses must craft solid succession plans to develop enterprises that grow and prosper. (Entrepreneurship). Alexander, George 1985
About this issue. 644
Ain't no, mountain high enough: African American team attempts to climb the world's tallest peaks. (Personal Passions). Jacobs, Patricia 851
B.E. Wall St. All-Stars: from investment banking to asset management, these 50 MVPs score big in the financial markets. (Special Report)(Cover Story). Brown, Daniel 8175
BBoC and FSB to merge: more deals within banking community are possible. (B.E. 100s). Hocker, Cliff 600
Beware of credit card offers. ($s and sense). Brown, Carolyn M. 505
Big brother's watching: passwords mean very little with this product. (B.E. Reviews). Donaldson, Sonya A. Brief Article 173
Can everyone contribute? Corporate strategy is at its best when employees are involved. (Inbox). Morgan, Christina 638
Celebrating five years of networking: premier ski event brings together executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs. (B.E./AXA Advisors Ski Challenge). 112
Convertibles make the difference: Tracy Maitland's convertible securities strategy lessened market risk. (Stock Update). Scott, Matthew S. 665
Corrections. Correction Notice 88
Creating human links: Alicia Jones helps at-risk youth use technology to their advantage. (Black Digerati). Smothers, Shani 370
Dancing for fame. (teen passions). Young, Taiia Smart 510
Down payment help: The Nehemiah Program offers mortgage assistance for new home buyers. (Real Estate Strategies). Graves, Nicole 469
Early bird special: register this month and save big. (B.E./AXA Advisors Ski Challenge). 253
Enjoy your income today while saving for your future. (You Can ...). 658
Equality through equities: African Americans turning to stocks to build wealth. (Facts & Figures). Brown, Daniel R. 338
Express-Oh! (The Finer Things). Alleyne, Sonia 94
Fashion's phat cats. (career spotlight). Smothers, Shani 630
Franchise solutions. (Web Tools). 102
Funds for the long haul: in this semiannual mutual fund roundup we identify 90 top-performing funds ranked by three-year returns. (Mutual Fund Overview). Korn, Donald Jay 4637
Getting better. (Letters). Washington, Kelvin Letter to the Editor 250
Getting through the first year. (entrepreneurship). Kimble-Ellis, Sonya 1203
Going digital for dollars: e-business demands a new wave of respect from today's brick-and-mortar entrepreneur. (Book Excerpt). Williams, Bernadette Excerpt 2884
Great expectations. (Help Yourself). Edmond, Alfred A., Jr. Brief Article 314
Guarding your turf: how the small guy can fend off big biz encroachment. (Management Advice). McCrea, Bridget 586
Hanging tough: Wilhelmina Bell-Taylor overcame cancer to launch a successful business. (Making It). Brotherton, Phaedra 544
High designs: the architect's career is taking flight. (Career-At-A-Glance). Morgan, Christina Biography 455
High energy: entrepreneurial electrician powers up money-generating business. (Making It). Townes, Glenn 444
In business with the U.S. (Savvy Solutions). Hughes, Alan Brief Article 271
Investing basics for kids. (Ask B.E.). Scott, Matthew S. 262
Investor, know thyself. (Money Management). Korn, Donald Jay 1795
Is George W. Bush a good president? (holla back). Brief Article 185
It's all about the profits. (you're the boss). Brown, Carolyn M. 666
Jacksons Remains. (Newsbytes). Brown, Daniel R. Brief Article 262
Junior opportunities board. (the j.o.b.). Brief Article 245
Keeping up. (Cyberwise). Donaldson, Sonya A. Brief Article 265
Leap into learning. (time out). Donaldson, Sonya A. 219
Life after bankruptcy: there are still pitfalls in folding a business. (Management Advice). McCrea, Bridget 650
Lifestyle change. (New Products). Donaldson, Sonya A. 83
Log on for work. (Since You Asked ...). Alleyne, Sonia Brief Article 297
Long-term bunker: Louis A. Holland thinks more turbulence is ahead: the right time for long-term holdings with potential. (Private Screening). Anderson, James A. 724
Making history on Wall Street. (Publisher's Page). Graves, Earl, G., Sr. Editorial 556
Mortgage arm wrestle. (Ask Your Advocate). Alleyne, Sonia Brief Article 311
Moving pictures. (The Finer Things). Alleyne, Sonia 84
Mrs. D & I are cool. (handle your business). Holder, Sheri 347
On the road to financial fitness: B.E. updates the progress of our 2001 financial fitness contest winners. (Family Finances). Brown, Carolyn M. 2580
Picture perfect phone. (New Products). Donaldson, Sonya A. 93
Plan a legacy for your business and your family. (You Can ...). 752
Plan for a comfortable retirement while you save for your children's education. (You Can ...). 814
Raising roofs or just hopes? Bush vows to close home ownership gap but many are skeptical. (Washington Report). Brown, Daniel R. 516
Rap session. (Letters). Letter to the Editor 597
Reality check: threat of lawsuit changes discriminatory payment practices. (Buying Power). Jackson, Lee Anna 707
Ripple effect. (Letters). Letter to the Editor 352
Rising stars: a spotlight on our clients' top performers. (Special Advertising Section). 347
ShareBuilder by netstock. (Web Tools). 109
Social insecurity. (Letters). Letter to the Editor 695
Stepping up: Stanley O'Neal to take the helm at troubled Merrill Lynch. (Newsmakers). Hughes, Alan 630
Sweet success. (entrepreneurship). Kimble-Ellis, Sonya 1236
The investors next door: trying to figure out the best moves in today's market? Listen to the strategies from members of some of the nation's leading investment clubs. (Investment Roundtable). Scott, Matthew S. Panel Discussion 4049
The state of small businesses: are they flying high or falling fast? (Next Month). 519
Time for an upgrade? Adobe Photoshop's newest version. (B.E. Reviews). Donaldson, Sonya A. Product/Service Evaluation 202
To serve and protect: want to avoid e-commerce nightmares? Keep your customers' data secure. (Tech Issues). Rohan, Rebecca 1333
Triple sport star: Steve Mills scores for the Knicks, Rangers, and the Liberty. (From the Corner Office). Alleyne, Sonia 656
Turn classmates into customers. (ready, set, start). Foye, LaToya S. 561
Wading through 10-10 wonderland: how to choose a long distance plan that's right for you. (Secret Savings). Morgan, Christina 390
What's happening. Morgan, Christina Brief Article 268
Whose moves ya doin'. (v.i.peeps--). Smothers, Shani Biography 355
Wrestling with the bear: black fund managers are adjusting their strategies for the long haul. (B.E. Black Fund Watch). Halsey, Nicole 958
You can take it with you: clubs that let the stocks travel with individual owners. (Investment Clubhouse). Brown, Carolyn M. 707
Your career can still thrive in an age of flux. (Which Way Is Up?). 4959

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