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Black Country News: Is it art... or just balls? STOURBRIDGE: Amanda's baffling spheres of light.

Byline: By Dale Williams

AN artist in the Black Country is experiencing close encounters of a different kind, claiming globes of light are following her around.

Amanda Joy, of Norton, in Stourbridge, says she's psychic and that the mysterious orbs are attracted to her out-of-this-world artwork.

Amanda paints pictures in her home studio and said she noticed the balls of light while photographing her work.

She said the first time she experienced the phenomenon was on September 1 last year and since then she said she had been surrounded by them more and more and has built up a vast photo collection. She said: "I hadn't experienced orbs before and now I feel like I've opened the door to them and they are just pouring through."

Some theories maintain the orbs are said to be ghosts or spirits in the form of balls of light.

Other explanations for the transparent balls of light, which sometimes appear on photos, are that they are energy being transferred from sources such as powerlines.

Amanda, who has a vast array of pictures showing what she believes to be orbs dancing around her paintings, claims she can communicate with the bouncing balls of light.

She said: "I can ask them to land on things such as feathers, marbles, cushions and change colours. "Wherever I go I can get them and every day I feel compelled to see what they are doing."

Amanda believes it is her psychic and artistic ability which causes the orbs to respond and she has noticed some of her paintings of the moon and astral travel are like hot spots.

But her encounters have baffled investigators who say they have never encountered anyone able to communicate with orbs before.

People all over the world from artists, shaman, photographers and healers - however - claim to have seen orbs and Amanda hopes to attend a conference in the USA in May to find out more about the lights. She also plans to open her studio soon to give people a chance to see the orbs.


PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES... artist Amanda Joy claims she is influenced by balls of glowing light.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 19, 2007
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