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Black Catholics 101. (you may be right).

Many thanks for the August issue, which focuses on the experience of African American Catholics. As an African American Catholic, and as a teacher of American religious history, I found the articles informative, inspirational, and utterly beautiful. In particular, Vanessa White's essay "Full of the Spirit: Five spiritual gifts of African American Catholics" is especially grace-filled.

The five gifts and hallmarks of black Catholic spirituality: God on our mind, people of the book, joy, welcome, and love of justice resonate with me spiritually and intellectually. In a very brief and elegant manner, White has presented us with much to contemplate and celebrate.

I will use this essay this fall in my U.S. Religious History class to introduce my students to some of the most important spiritual hallmarks and gifts of African American Catholics.
Cecila A. Moore
Dayton, Ohio
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Author:Moore, Cecila A.
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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