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Black, Holly. The Cruel Prince: The Folk of the Air, Book 1.

Black, Holly. The Cruel Prince: The Folk of the Air, Book 1. Little, Brown, January 2018. 384p. $18.99. 978-0-316-31027-7.

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Jude is only seven years old when she opens the door to her home to a strange man who proceeds to slaughter her parents in front of her and her sisters, twin Taryn and older sister Vivienne. The man is a general from the realm of Faerie, and Jude's mother faked her death and that of her unborn child so she could escape Faerie and run away with Jude's father, a mortal like herself. The general, though cruel, has a sense of honor, and takes the three daughters back with him to Faerie to raise as his own, even though the twins are not his. A decade has passed, and Jude has done her best to adapt to life in Faerieland, but it is difficult to endure the bullying that comes from the gentry of Faerie. Painfully beautiful and virtually immortal, they torment mortals whom they see as inferior beings worthy only of contempt. Surviving these torments will turn out to be the least of her worries, however, as Jude attempts to thwart bloody intrigues to take the throne.

Black, quite rightly, is the acknowledged queen of faerie lit, and her latest shows her to be at the top of her game, unveiling twists and secrets and bringing her characters vividly to life. Jude is a brave and cunning protagonist, quite worthy of playing this game of thrones, faerie edition.--Sean Rapacki.

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Author:Rapacki, Sean
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2018
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