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Bizarre way of thinking; Mailbag.

HARRIET Harman is fast becoming a prime example of what has gone wrong with New Labour's thinking this past dozen years.

In her considered judgement, the banking crisis has its roots in the lack of female bankers and she then uses this unproven claim to assert that at least one of the top Labour posts should always be held by a woman, regardless of her competency. Reflecting the balance of society is deemed more important than promoting the most able.

The Britain - Great is no doubt non-pc - of today is a place of such twisted perspectives and Orwellian news speak that Harriet Harman can unblushingly sponsor an Equalities Bill which seeks to combat discrimination by promoting, er, discrimination. Her Bill introduces the strange notion that past inequalities can best be countered by imposing new ones.

In New Labour's wonderland, two wrongs do make a right with employers enjoined to operate a quota system in order to achieve a 'balanced' workforce. Never mind the quaintly oldfashioned idea that the best applicant should get the job.

I care not whether someone is male, female or transgender, black, white or in-between; Martian or Venusian. Ability is all that should matter.

I'm not naive, nor am I unseeing of past misdeeds. I just happen to believe passionately in true equality as the ideal for us to aim at.

Deep-seated prejudices still need to be overcome, but I fail to see how replacing one bias with another helps.

The Harman way seems to suggest that frail women cannot succeed in this world, thus the poor dears need to be helped to face up to those nasty men.

Condescending is the first word which comes to mind, with patronising a close second.

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 7, 2009
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