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Bizarre solution; LETTERS to the EDITOR.

YOU published a letter on Tuesday from a Mr Cunningham about the Mersey Gateway Public Inquiry, which proposes a bizarre solution to the problem, ie. don't build a new bridge - but put tolls on the existing one to deter traffic from using it.

I must admit that there is opposition to the proposals - some who want a bridge but not where it is proposed to put it, and others who want a bridge but don't want tolls but, apart from Mr Cunningham, I have not heard any local support for doing nothing.

The design life of a bridge differs from bridge to bridge but the problem with the present one is that it is carrying 10 times the traffic it was meant to carry. The maintenance costs and closures are increasing year by year and it is becoming a positive deterrent to businesses.

The present proposals have massive support and could it be that the lack of attendance at the proceedings reflects not opposition but general support. The "what ifs" are needless but the promise of a discount system is not wishful thinking but a commitment.

Finally, the headline "A Bridge Too Far?" seems to be the default headline for anything on the bridge and is wearing a bit thin. What about "A Bridge To The Future"? Remember that even at Rimmegen the good guys won in the end.

Cllr Tony McDermott, Leader, Halton Borough Council
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 5, 2009
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