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Jumping ship: business owners should be prepared to exit their ventures at any time, mergers and acquisitions specialist les Nemethy says. Mar 2, 2012 2479
New era. Mar 2, 2012 737
Bonus levels: two top government officials out as bonuses row expands to new institutions. Feb 24, 2012 426
ACTA rebellion: Bulgarian Cabinet joins ranks of ACTA dectractors, halts ratification and says ruling party MEPs will vote against treaty. Feb 17, 2012 858
Reshuffle in Romania: new prime minister-designate faces task of rehabilitating image of ruling party with cabinet of second-stringers. Feb 10, 2012 934
Caught in the ACTA: facing a growing public backlash, Bulgarian cabinet says ACTA treaty will not require amending copyright protections laws. Feb 3, 2012 994
Opting in: Bulgaria ready to join new European fiscal pact, Finance Minister says. Jan 27, 2012 801
Olympic rights. Jan 27, 2012 705
Numbers game: protest rallies against austerity measures fail to boost Romanian opposition's standing in opinion polls. Jan 20, 2012 846
Fracking ban: cabinet recants on shale gas exploration, says will review issue after EU debates. Jan 20, 2012 756
Plodding on: Bulgaria's economy recovered somewhat in 2011, defying the trends that made much of the rest of Europe look fearfully towards the future. Jan 6, 2012 1406
Burden of debt: Bulgaria's former fixed-line monopoly finds itself on the auction block as creditors seek to recoup losses. Dec 23, 2011 940
Iron man. Dec 23, 2011 698
Golden booty. Dec 16, 2011 669
Pipe down: Bulgaria exits Bourgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline project 'without cost', opposition fears huge damage claims. Dec 9, 2011 751
Bucharest Blitz: Romania's opposition jockeys for position ahead of 2012 parliamentary elections, threatens president's impeachment. Dec 2, 2011 873
New dawn. Dec 2, 2011 738
Strike out: day one of railway workers' work stoppage halts international trains, but has limited impact. Nov 25, 2011 449
Tightening belts: Sofia think-tank tells Cabinet to cut taxes and spending, prepare for slower growth. Nov 25, 2011 839
Odds and oddities. Nov 25, 2011 639
Court chicanery: controversial chairperson of Sofia City Court vows to appeal against the ruling voiding her appointment. Nov 18, 2011 770
Losers' league. Nov 18, 2011 701
Bulgaria's sinking railways: Bulgaria's state railways teeter on verge of collapse as creditors impound accounts, while trade unions threaten to launch nationwide strike on November 24. Nov 11, 2011 782
Budget time: now that the election campaign is over, Bulgaria's Government and Parliament can turn their attention to outstanding business - starting with the 2012 Budget bill. Nov 4, 2011 1224
Clouds over Cannes: G20 meeting on the French Riviera overshadowed by euro zone crisis, agenda uncertain. Oct 28, 2011 704
New coach, old issues. Oct 28, 2011 783
Campaigning online: Bulgaria's presidential front-runners bank on conventional online presence, not so much social media. Oct 21, 2011 1328
Paper tigers, rebooted: shareholder dispute over ownership of Bulgaria's two top-selling dailies flares up again. Oct 21, 2011 854
Rock bottom? No: after last-place finish in Euro 2012 qualifying, Bulgarian football fans should steel themselves for more pain. Oct 14, 2011 759
Rules of the game. Oct 7, 2011 677
Staying power: trade between Germany and Bulgaria bounces back after recession as German businesses stay committed to Bulgaria. Sep 30, 2011 869
Exit, stage left. Sep 23, 2011 718
Benchbatov. Sep 16, 2011 564
Recrimination time. Sep 9, 2011 742
Alpha dog: merger of Greek banking groups EFG Eurobank and Alpha Bank to create Bulgaria's third largest lender. Sep 2, 2011 578
Going once, going twice ... Bulgaria set to sell former tobacco monopoly Bulgartabac after receiving only one bid for the company. Sep 2, 2011 674
Unnecessary formality: why bother playing England vs Bulgaria qualifier if the end is a virtual certainty? Sep 2, 2011 619
Taxing donations: row over gifts received by Interior Ministry makes Tsvetan Tsvetanov the target of renewed criticism. Aug 19, 2011 1365
Investigations central: Lukoil granted reprieve in Bulgaria, but operations are now under watchful eyes of authorities. Aug 19, 2011 770
Riotous welcome. Aug 12, 2011 620
Pushing back: are Bulgaria's recent tussles with Lukoil and Atomstroyexport proof of new willingness to stand up to Russian energy interests. Aug 5, 2011 1187
Scheduling farce. Aug 5, 2011 791
Fuel fears: Cabinet says shutdown of Bulgaria's only petrol refinery will not result in higher fuel prices. Jul 29, 2011 553
Blatter under siege. Jul 29, 2011 807
Blame game in Bucharest: latest CVM report offers Romanian political elites opportunity to point accusatory fingers at each other. Jul 22, 2011 483
Let the games begin: Sofia's new multi-functional sports hall secures naming rights as it prepares to open its doors, but details about financial soundness are scarce. Jul 22, 2011 757
Clouds over Nurburgring. Jul 22, 2011 700
Fair decision: Bulgarian Cabinet set to take fight for control of Plovdiv International Fair to supreme court after appellate judges' ruling. Jul 15, 2011 1069
Plains to Pyrenees: as the Tour de France finally ventures into the mountains, the real challengers can finally stand out of their saddles and be counted. Jul 15, 2011 682
Slippery slopes: Bulgaria set to expand area of Bansko concession despite alleged breach of contract by managing company. Jul 6, 2011 961
On the road: investment roadshow goes off the beaten track to promote business opportunities in Bulgaria. Jul 1, 2011 939
Race against time. Jul 1, 2011 632
Contempt of court: Bulgaria's supreme Judicial Council defiant in growing row over appointment of new Sofia city court chairperson. Jun 24, 2011 1293
Prime time fight: Bulgaria's largest two television conglomerates come to blows as lawmakers consider easing restrictions on public broadcaster. Jun 24, 2011 1014
Football blackout. Jun 24, 2011 636
Rock, paper, scissors. Jun 17, 2011 794
Blown fuse: as Belene contract deadline passes, leaked audit report claims 117.4 million euro unaccounted for. Jun 3, 2011 639
Storm in a teacup? Unflattering US diplomatic cables on Boiko Borissov met with indifferent shrugs in Sofia. Jun 3, 2011 774
Etched in stone: Bulgarian Cabinet's draft constitutional amendments to set strict ceilings on Budget deficit, spending. Jun 3, 2011 775
On the verge. Jun 3, 2011 854
Towers of glass: using 'green architecture', Sopharma business towers plan to dwarf competition literally and figuratively. May 27, 2011 792
He's no Djoke. May 13, 2011 722
Paper tigers: ownership saga surrounding Bulgaria's two top-selling dailies appears settled, for now. Apr 21, 2011 911
Access denied: Bulgarian Parliament moves to limit full access to data in Commercial Register. Apr 15, 2011 809
Belene bust-up: negotiations on Belene nuclear power plant blow up into media row in Bulgaria over controversial contract addendum. Apr 8, 2011 599
Declining demographics: first data from Bulgaria's census confirms shrinking population trends. Apr 8, 2011 705
Fuelling discontent: Bulgarian cabinet's efforts to freeze fuel prices yield no results as public backlash gains momentum. Apr 1, 2011 693
Fuel furore: Bulgarian government finds temporary fix to limit rise of fuel prices, but long-term prospects remain murky. Mar 25, 2011 824
Earth Hour hypocrisy: this year, forget about Earth Hour, celebrate human achievement instead. Mar 25, 2011 707
Nuclear reshuffle: Bulgaria seeks ways to minimise costs of nuclear programme expansion. Mar 11, 2011 756
Money League: some reshuffling in Deloitte's annual rankings of richest football clubs, but no changes at the top. Company rankings Feb 18, 2011 718
Belene twist: is Rosatom internal memo the prelude to dumping nuclear project in Bulgaria or mere ploy to spur cabinet into action? Feb 11, 2011 923
Fair fight: Bulgarian Government's attempts to get back control of the Plovdiv International Fair boosted by court decision. Feb 4, 2011 1079
Moldovan mix: Moldova's government looking to the West, but still casting furtive glances back East. Jan 28, 2011 824
Customer mobility: Bulgaria's mobile telecoms agree to end automatic contract renewal, but no firm deadline in sight. Jan 28, 2011 443
Super Bowl in Sofia: not many options to watch Super Bowl XLV in Sofia. Jan 28, 2011 742
Short sojourn: as Tsvetana Pironkova is once again thwarted early on, Grigor Dimitrov adds to his growing resume. Jan 21, 2011 717
Schengen shortcomings: Bulgaria hopes to iron out wrinkles in fi nal inspection report so as to meet technical criteria by March. Jan 14, 2011 786
The curious case of Kalina Ilieva: Ilieva's sacking as head of State Fund Agriculture will not bring increased scrutiny from Brussels on structural funds use, officials say. Dec 10, 2010 989
Political engineering: elections in Moldova give ruling coalition bigger majority in parliament, but not enough seats to elect president. Dec 3, 2010 1430
Petrol wars: shareholders fight for control of Bulgarian fuel distributor Petrol. Dec 3, 2010 584
Staring match: Bulgaria's banking system keeping low profile and staying put as non-performing loans grow in a year that has generated little in the way of news. Dec 3, 2010 1435
Up the geek Creek: technology gifts offer the easiest way to while away the long, cold winter months indoors. Dec 3, 2010 882
Moldova's second chance: pro-Western ruling alliance seeks to strengthen hold on parliament and win enough seats to elect new president. Nov 26, 2010 1560
Snail's pace: Russia, Bulgaria edge forward with South Stream and Belene projects during Putin's visit to Sofia. Nov 19, 2010 748
Starting from scratch: Bulgaria delays analogue broadcasting switch-off to 2015, plans to amend digital transition plan. Nov 19, 2010 865
Rushing in: Russian prime minister seeks to salvage energy 'Grand Slam' during visit to Sofia. Nov 12, 2010 479
Pension deal struck: Cabinet, labour unions and pension funds strike deal to solve early retirement benefits conundrum--for now. Oct 29, 2010 927
Budget battle lines: as labour unions win more spending concessions from Cabinet, threats of protests multiply. Oct 22, 2010 983
Scouting smartphones: you have seen them increasingly in the hands of users everywhere. So is it time to get your own smartphone and if so, which one to choose? Oct 22, 2010 2619
Eyes on the ball. Oct 22, 2010 760
Flat-footed in a quagmire: uncertainty over Belene nuclear power plant's future is the millstone that weighs around Bulgaria's NEK. Oct 8, 2010 1053
Game theory. Oct 8, 2010 754
Baking a budget: Bulgarian Cabinet approves 2011 draft budget with unchanged spending and forecasts of higher revenue, growth. Oct 1, 2010 997
Leading by example: Bulgaria is already an inextricable part of the EU, so it might as well learn from the EU's top economy. Oct 1, 2010 849
Serve up. Sep 24, 2010 813
Shaky grounds: Romanian cabinet reshuffle seeks to boost public support, stave off motion of no confidence. Sep 10, 2010 634
Missed chance: Moldova's failed referendum spells out more political uncertainty, snap elections loom. Sep 10, 2010 765
Football fiasco. Sep 10, 2010 607
Planning fallacy: Bulgaria's state-owned power utility NEK accused of underinvestment in grid maintenance. Sep 3, 2010 661

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