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Particle Selection in Suspension-Feeding Bivalves: Does One Model Fit All? Jones, Julie; Allam, Bassem; Espinosa, Emmanuelle Pales Report Feb 1, 2020 8429
IN SITU MEASUREMENTS OF pH, C[A.sup.2+], AND DIC DYNAMICS WITHIN THE EXTRAPALLIAL FLUID OF THE OCEAN QUAHOG ARCTICA ISLANDICA. Stemmer, Kristina; Brey, Thomas; Gutbrod, Martin S.; Beutler, Martin; Schalkhausser, Burgel; De Beer Report Apr 1, 2019 5455
Sclerochronology-based geochemical studies of bivalve shells: potential vs reality/Karbikodade sklerokronoloogilis-geokeemilised uuringud: voimalused ja tegelik olukord. Zuykov, Michael; Schindler, Michael Report Mar 1, 2019 5079
SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPIC AIDS FOR IDENTIFICATION OF LARVAL AND POST-LARVAL BIVALVES. Lutz, Richard A.; Goodwin, Jacob D.; Baldwin, Brad S.; Burnell, Gavin; Castagna, Michael; Chapman, S Report Jun 1, 2018 9869
OPTICAL IMAGING AND MOLECULAR SEQUENCING OF A PRESERVED COLLECTION OF BIVALVE LARVAE. Goodwin, Jacob D.; Lutz, Richard A.; Johnson, Shannon; Kennedy, Victor S.; Gallager, Scott Report Jun 1, 2018 3744
Extracellular Matrix Components in Bivalvia: Shell and ECM Components in Developmental and Adult Tissues. Dyachuk, Vyacheslav Apr 1, 2018 4174
Shifting Balance of Protein Synthesis and Degradation Sets a Threshold for Larval Growth Under Environmental Stress. Frieder, Christina A.; Applebaum, Scott L.; Pan, T.-C. Francis; Manahan, Donal T. Report Feb 1, 2018 9705
Large Shifts in Commercial Landings of Estuarine and Bay Bivalve Mollusks in Northeastern United States after 1980 with Assessment of the Causes. Mackenzie, Clyde L., Jr.; Tarnowski, Mitchell Jan 1, 2018 24533
Species diversity and distribution of marine bivalves from coastal transitional ecosystem of Uran, Navi Mumbai, India. Pawar, Prabhakar R.; Al-Tawaha, Abdel Rahman Mohammad Said Report Apr 1, 2017 5590
Molecular Phylogeny and Morphological Distinctions of Two Popular Bivalves, Ctenoides scaber and Ctenoides mitis. Dougherty, Lindsey F.; Li, Jingchun Report Jan 1, 2017 5462
An assessment of the bivalve perna viridis, as an indicator of heavy metal contamination in paradise point of Karachi, Pakistan. Qari, Rashida; Ajiboye, Olufemi; Imran, Saima; Afridi, Abdul Rahim Report Nov 1, 2016 4674
Spondylids of eastern Pacific Ocean. Lodeiros, Cesar; Soria, Gaspar; Valentich-Scott, Paul; Munguia-Vega, Adrian; Cabrera, Jonathan Santa Report Aug 1, 2016 9615
Efficacy of probiotics in preventing vibriosis in the larviculture of different species of bivalve shellfish. Sohn, Saebom; Lundgren, Kathryn Markey; Tammi, Karin; Smolowitz, Roxanna; Nelson, David R.; Rowley, Report Aug 1, 2016 5879
Effect of acute temperature change on antioxidant enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation in the ark shell Scapharca subcrenata (Lischke, 1869). Zhao, Wen; Han, Tingting; Wei, Jie; Pu, Hongyu; Wang, Shan; Yuan, Xia Report Aug 1, 2016 4283
Comparative genetic characterization of ark shell Scapharca broughtonii in northeast Asia. Tanaka, Tomomi; Aranishi, Futoshi Report Aug 1, 2016 4670
Reproduction cycle of Donax trunculus (Mollusca, Bivalvia) in the gulf of Annaba (Northeast Algeria). Hafsaoui, Imed; Bouaziz, Rym; Draredja, Brahim; Beldi, Hayet Report May 1, 2016 6474
A status assessment of perkinsiosis, bonamiosis, and mateiliosis in commercial marine bivalves from Southern Brazil. Suhnel, Simone; Johnson, Stewart C.; Gurney-Smith, Helen J.; Ivachuk, Celene Da S.; Schaefer, Ana L. Report Apr 1, 2016 9657
Population ecology and secondary production of congeneric bivalves on a sheltered beach in Southeastern Brazil. Cardoso, Ricardo S.; Galhardo, Ludmila B.; Cabrini, Tatiana M.B. Report Dec 1, 2015 6367
Taphonomic Processes of Some Intertidal Gastropod and Bivalve Shells from Northern Red Sea Coast, Egypt. Report Oct 31, 2015 4184
Qualitative and quantitative characterization of some common bivalves: Polymesoda bengalensis, Codakia tigerina and Anodontia edentula. Tan, Katherine S.; Moneva, Carlo Stephen O.; Barazona, Christina A.; Coronel, Kimverly Hazel I.; Dem Report Aug 1, 2015 4781
Distribution, abundance, and habitat associations of a large bivalve (Panopea generosa) in a eutrophic fjord estuary. McDonald, P. Sean; Essington, Timothy E.; Davis, Jonathan P.; Galloway, Aaron W.E.; Stevick, Bethany Report Apr 1, 2015 7492
Age and growth of the ark shell Scapharca broughtonii (Bivalvia, Arcidae) in Japanese waters. Sugiura, Daisuke; Katayama, Satoshi; Sasa, Shuji; Sasaki, Koichi Report Apr 1, 2014 5807
Covariations between shell-growth parameters and the control of the ranges of variation of functionally relevant shell-shape parameters in bivalves: a theoretical approach. Beguinot, Jean Report Jan 1, 2014 5416
Metabolic effects in the bivalve Perna perna and Mytilus galloprovincialis: impact on the environment due to contamination by copper. Errahmani, Mohamed Brahim; Zouaoui, Fayza; Bendjoudi, Djamel Report Jan 1, 2014 6786
Classification of granulocytes in three bivalve species using neutral red staining. Lin, Tingting; Yao, Zongli; Hao, Zhuoran; Lai, Qifang; Zhou, Kai Report Dec 1, 2013 3779
Bivalve harvesting and production in Portugal: an overview. Oliveira, Jacinta; Castilho, Fernanda; Cunha, Angela; Pereira, Mario Jorge Report Dec 1, 2013 7999
The Reproductive Cycle of Potomida littoralis (Cuvier, 1798) (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in Lake Golbasi, Turkey. Sereflisan, Hulya; Cek, Sehriban; Sereflisan, Menderes Report Oct 31, 2013 4191
Shellsim: a generic model of growth and environmental effects validated across contrasting habitats in bivalve shellfish. Hawkins, A.J.S.; Pascoe, P.L.; Parry, H.; Brinsley, M.; Black, K.D.; McGonigle, C.; Moore, H.; Newel Report Aug 1, 2013 14207
Oxidative stress and biochemical composition in Donax trunculus (Mollusca, Bivalvia) from the gulf of Annaba (Algeria). Sifi, Karima; Amira, Akila; Soltani, Noureddine Report Apr 1, 2013 7174
Exotic molluscs in the Great Lakes host epizootically important trematodes. Karatayev, Alexander Y.; Mastitsky, Sergey E.; Burlakova, Lyubov E.; Karatayev, Vadim A.; Hajduk, Ma Report Aug 1, 2012 9562
First record of Mercenaria mercenaria (Bivalvia: Veneridae) and Ensis directus (Bivalvia: pharidae) on Bay of Biscay, Iberian Peninsula. Arias, Andres; Anadon, Nuria Report Apr 1, 2012 2588
Biodiversity of mobile benthic fauna in geoduck (Panopea generosa) aquaculture beds in southern Puget Sound, Washington. Brown, Rana A.; Thuesen, Erik V. Report Dec 1, 2011 4967
Quantifying shell weight loss in archaeological deposits. Faulkner, Patrick Report Oct 1, 2011 8965
Some aspects of the reproductive biology of two populations of Musculium argentinum (d'Orbigny, 1835) (bivalvia: sphaeriidae) from Southern Chile. Jara-Seguel, Pedro; Peredo, Santiago; von Brand, Elisabeth; Parada, Esperanza Report Aug 1, 2011 5319
Application of a gene-based population dynamics model to the optimal egg size problem: why do bivalve planktotrophic eggs vary in size? Powell, Eric N.; Morson, Jason; Klinck, John M. Report Aug 1, 2011 16399
Seasonal changes in reproduction and biochemical composition of the cockle, Fulvia mutica Reeve (1884), in Cheonsu Bay off the west coast of Korea. Yang, Hyun-Sung; Kang, Do-Hyung; Park, Heung-Sik; Choi, Kwang-Sik Report Apr 1, 2011 5756
The fate of Spondylus stocks (Bivalvia: Spondylidae) in Ecuador: is recovery likely? Mackensen, Annika K.; Brey, Thomas; Sonnenholzner, Stanislaus Report Apr 1, 2011 4999
Cownose ray (Rhinoptera bonasus) predation relative to bivalve ontogeny. Fisher, Robert A.; Call, Garrett C.; Grubbs, R. Dean Report Apr 1, 2011 7898
Hydrographic changes in Nares Strait (Canadian Arctic Archipelago) in recent decades based on [[delta].sup.18]O profiles of bivalve shells. Torres, Marta E.; Zima, Daniela; Falkner, Kelly K.; MacDonald, Robie W.; O'Brien, Mary; Schone, Bern Report Mar 1, 2011 9144
Spikey bivalves: intra-periostracal crystal growth in anomalodesmatans. Checa, Antonio G.; Harper, Elizabeth M. Report Dec 1, 2010 7742
Microstructural characterization of inner shell layers in the freshwater bivalve Anodonta cygnea. Lopes-Lima, Manuel; Rocha, Antonio; Goncalves, Fernando; Andrade, Jose; Machado, Jorge Report Dec 1, 2010 2657
Limnoperna fortunei versus dreissena polymorpha: population densities and benthic community impacts of two invasive freshwater bivalves. Karatayev, Alexander Y.; Burlakova, Lyubov E.; Karatayev, Vadim A.; Boltovskoy, Demetrio Report Dec 1, 2010 7712
Seasonal variability of lipophilic shellfish toxins in bivalves and waters, and abundance of dinophysis spp. in Jinhae Bay, Korea. Kim, Ji Hoe; Lee, Ka Jeong; Suzuki, Toshiyuki; Kang, Yang Soon; Kim, Poong Ho; Song, Ki Cheol; Lee, Report Dec 1, 2010 5432
Spirochetes in crystalline styles of marine bivalves: group-specific PCR detection and 16s RRNA sequence analysis. Husmann, Gunnar; Gerdts, Gunnar; Wichels, Antje Report Dec 1, 2010 5370
Morphometric relationship of weight and size of Clam Amiantis umbonella L., 1818 (Bivalvia: Veneridae) in the eastern coasts of Bandar Abbas, Persian Gulf. Babaei, Mohsen Mekhanik; Sahafi, Homayon Hosseinzadeh; Ardalan, Aria Ashja; Ghaffari, Hamze; Abdolla Report Sep 1, 2010 2319
Genetic and morphological variation of northeast Pacific Panopea clams: evolutionary implications. Rocha-Olivares, Axayacatl; Calderon-Aguilera, Luis E.; Aragon-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Saavedra-Sot Report Aug 1, 2010 6216
Lectin labeling of surface carbohydrates on gametes of three bivalves: Crassostrea virginica, Mytilus galloprovincialis, and Dreissena bugensis. McAnlis, Kevyn Marie K.; Lynn, John W.; Misamore, Michael J. Report Apr 1, 2010 6641
Unusual high frequency of hermaphroditism in the gonochoric bivalve Megapitaria squalida (Sowerby, 1835) (Veneridae). Pinera, Abril K. Romo; Ceballos-Vazquez, Bertha Patricia; Garcia-Dominguez, Federico; Arellano-Marti Report Dec 1, 2009 2989
The influence of hydrostatic pressure on shell mineralization of Anodonta cygnea: a comparative study with a hydrothermal vent bivalve Bathymodiolus azoricus. Machado, Jorge; Lopes-Lima, Manuel; Damasceno-Oliveira, Alfredo; Colaco, Ana; Andrade, Jose; Silva, Report Dec 1, 2009 4125
Response of benthic invertebrate communities to the large-scale dredging of Muuga Port/Muuga sadama suuremastaapsete suvendamistoode moju pohjaloomastikule. Kotta, Jonne; Herkul, Kristjan; Kotta, Ilmar; Orav-Kotta, Helen; Aps, Robert Report Dec 1, 2009 4076
Reproductive cycle of the subcrenated ark shell Scapharca kagoshimensis (Tokunaga, 1906) in Ariake Bay, Japan. Yurimoto, Tatsuya; Mori, Yuichiro; Ito, Shiro; Maeno, Yukio Abstract Dec 1, 2008 3836
Bivalve assemblages on living coral species in the northern Red Sea, Egypt. Mohammed, Tarek A.; Yassien, Mohamed Hamed Abstract Dec 1, 2008 4702
Origin and expansion of foliated microstructure in pteriomorph bivalves. Esteban-Delgado, Francisco J.; Harper, Elizabeth M.; Checa, Antonio G.; Rodriguez-Navarro, Alejandro Report Apr 1, 2008 7008
Stimulation of Interleukin-4 production in EL4 T cells via increased NF-at binding activity by Scapharca broughtonii. Kim, Tae Sung; Yoo, Jin Cheol Report Apr 1, 2008 2453
Extreme tolerance to anoxia in the Lucinoma aequizonata symbiosis. Arndt-Sullivan, C.; Lechaire, J.-P.; Felbeck, H. Report Mar 1, 2008 6226
Distribution of parasites and pathologies in sentinel bivalves: NOAA status and trends "Mussel Watch" Program. Kim, Yungkul; Powell, Eric N. Report Dec 1, 2007 21912
Bivalve mollusks from the Maxville Limestone (Mississippian) in Ohio. Hoare, Richard D. Report Sep 1, 2007 7104
Relation of seasonal changes in the mass of the gonad and somatic tissues of the zebra ark shell Arca zebra to environmental factors. Velazquez, Carlos Dec 1, 2006 3961
Recruitment patterns and precautionary exploitation rates for Geoduck (Panopea abrupta) populations in British Columbia. Hand, Claudia Aug 1, 2006 6070
Differences of Turkish clam (Ruditapes decussates) and Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) according to their proximate composition and heavy metal contents. Dincer, T. Aug 1, 2006 3954
Preparation of large bivalve specimens for scanning electron microscopy using hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS). Bricelj, V. Monica Aug 1, 2006 2082
A new in situ method for measuring seston uptake by suspension-feeding bivalve molluscs. Coen, Loren D. Aug 1, 2006 4550
A shell of their former selves. Frasca, Salvatore, Jr.; Smolowitz, Roxanna May 1, 2006 802
Bivalve contribution to shallow sandy bottom food web off mar del plata (Argentina): inference from stomach contents and stable isotope analysis. Iribarne, Oscar O. Apr 1, 2006 3279
Egg predation fuels unique species association at deep-sea hydrocarbon seeps. Jarnegren, Johanna; Tobias, Craig R.; Macko, Stephen A.; Young, Craig M. Oct 1, 2005 4031
Characterization of phenoloxidase from Crassostrea virginica hemocytes and the effect of Perkinsus marinus on phenoloxidase activity in the hemolymph of Crassostrea virginica and Geukensia demissa. Deaton, Lewis E. Aug 1, 2005 4783
Estimation of total gut contents in bivalves from two stage sampling. Bremec, C. Aug 1, 2005 2349
History of spread and current distribution of Corbicula fluminea (Muller) in Texas. Sewell, Brian D. Aug 1, 2005 5904
Spatial distribution of velichoncha larvae (Bivalvia) identified by SSNM-PCR. Larsen, Jens Borggaard Aug 1, 2005 2862
Gill anatomy and the evolution of symbiosis in the bivalve family Thyasiridae. Dufour, Suzanne C. Jun 1, 2005 6026
Chromosomal rearrangement in Pectinidae revealed by rRNA loci and implications for bivalve evolution. Wang, Yongping; Guo, Ximing Dec 1, 2004 6905
Natural mortality and recruitment rates of the Pacific geoduck clam (Panopea abrupta) in experimental plots. Campbell, Alan Dec 1, 2004 6390
Characterization of the myostatin-like gene in Argopecten irradians. Bissonnette, Adam; Roberts, Steven Oct 1, 2004 334
New records of the Texas hornshell Popenaias popeii (bivalvia: unionidae) from Texas and northern Mexico. Strenth, Ned E.; Howells, Robert G.; Correa-Sandoval, Alfonso Aug 1, 2004 3296
A set of tests for the phenotypic identification of culturable bacteria associated with Galician bivalve mollusc production. Nieto, T.P. Aug 1, 2004 9210
Ecosystem influences of natural and cultivated populations of suspension-feeding bivalve molluscs: a review. Newell, Roger I.E. Apr 1, 2004 10908
An environmentally based growth model that uses finite difference calculus with maximum likelihood method: its application to the brackish water bivalve Corbicula japonica in Lake Abashiri, Japan. Baba, Katsuhisa; Kawajiri, Toshifumi; Kuwahara, Yasuhiro; Nakao, Shigeru Jan 1, 2004 6759
nDemonstration of nutrient pathway from the digestive system to oocytes in the gonad intestinal loop of the scallop Pecten maximus L. Beninger, Peter G.; Pennec, Gael Le; Pennec, Marcel Le Aug 1, 2003 4321
Muscular Alteration of Gill Geometry in vitro: Implications for Bivalve Pumping Processes. MEDLER, SCOTT; SILVERMAN, HAROLD Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 5792
Kidney Function and Sulfate Uptake and Loss in the Freshwater Bivalve Toxolasma texasensis. DIETZ, T. H.; UDOETOK, A. S.; CHERRY, J. S.; SILVERMAN, H.; BYRNE, R. A. Aug 1, 2000 5101
Frog Lim-1-like Protein Is Expressed Predominantly in the Nervous Tissue, Gonads, and Early Embryos of the Bivalve Mollusc Mytilus galloprovincialis. TORRADO, MARIO; MIKHAILOV, ALEXANDER T. Aug 1, 2000 7446
The Role of Latero-Frontal Cirri in Particle Capture by the Gills of Mytilus edulis. SILVERMAN, HAROLD; LYNN, JOHN W.; BENINGER, PETER G.; DIETZ, THOMAS H. Dec 1, 1999 5599
Reversible Alteration of Morphology in an Invertebrate Erythrocyte: Properties of the Natural Inducer and the Cellular Response. LEMA-FOLEY, CHRISTINE; LEE, KYENG G.; PARRIS, TCHAIKO; KOROLEVA, ZOYA; MOHAN, NISHAL; NOAILLES, PIER Dec 1, 1999 5218
An Endogenous SCP-Related Peptide Modulates Ciliary Beating in the Gills of a Venerid Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria. Gainey, Louis F. Jr.; Vining, Kelly J.; Doble, Karen E.; Waldo, Jennifer M.; Candelario-Martinez, Au Oct 1, 1999 10245
Genetic and morphometric characterization of mussels (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) from mid-Atlantic hydrothermal vents. Maas, Paula A.Y.; O'Mullan, Gregory D.; Lutz, Richard A.; Vrijenhoek, Robert C. Jun 1, 1999 4136
Reproductive cycle of Quadrula metanevra (Bivalvia: unionidae) in the Pickwick Dam tailwater of the Tennessee River. Garner, J.T.; Haggerty, T.M.; Modlin, R.F. Apr 1, 1999 3231
Impact of zebra and quagga mussels (Dreissena spp.) on freshwater unionids (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in the Detroit River of the Great Lakes. Schloesser, D.W.; Kovalak, W.P.; Longton, D.; Ohnesorg, K.L.; Smithee, R.D. Oct 1, 1998 6061
Molecular phylogeny of zooxanthellate bivalves. Maruyama, Tadashi; Ishikura, Masaharu; Yamazaki, Satoru; Kanai, Satoru Aug 1, 1998 3795
Predation on bivalve veligers by polychaete larvae. Johnson, Kevin B.; Brink, Laura A. Jun 1, 1998 3917
A comparison of trace element concentrations in Corbicula sp. (Bivalvia: Corbiculidae) and sediment from the Concho River by energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence. Webb, Daniel E.; Dawkins, Ross C. May 1, 1998 2042
Paracellular solute uptake in the freshwater bivalves Corbicula fluminea and Toxolasma texasensis. Zheng, Huiyuan; Dietz, Thomas H. Apr 1, 1998 4773
Evidence from the fossil record of an antipredatory exaptation: conchiolin layers in corbulid bivalves. Kardon, Gabrielle Feb 1, 1998 7845
Fine-grained spatial and temporal population genetic structure in the marine bivalve Spisula ovalis. David, Patrice; Perdieu, Mireille-Ange; Pernot, Anne-Francoise; Jarne, Philippe Aug 1, 1997 3964
Effects of predator foraging behavior on patterns of prey mortality in marine soft bottoms. Micheli, Fiorenza May 1, 1997 16620
Bacterial endosymbionts in the gills of the deep-sea wood-boring bivalves Xylophaga atlantica and Xylophaga washingtona. Distel, Daniel L.; Roberts, Susan J. Apr 1, 1997 3926
Multiple origins of gender-associated mitochondrial DNA lineages in bivalves (Mollusca: Bivalvia). Hoeh, Walter R.; Stewart, Donald T.; Sutherland, Brent W.; Zouros, Eleftherios Dec 1, 1996 5332
Life in the Jurassic: stability amid chaos. Monastersky, Richard Sep 28, 1996 610
Vertical transmission of chemoautotrophic symbionts in the bivalve Solemya velum (bivalvia: protobranchia). Krueger, Dana M.; Gustafson, Richard G.; Cavanaugh, Colleen M. Apr 1, 1996 4842
Epizoic invertebrate communities on upper Mississippi River Unionid bivalves. Beckett, David C.; Green, B. Will; Thomas, Steven A.; Miller, Andrew C. Jan 1, 1996 5560
Variation in genotype frequencies during the life history of the bivalve, Dreissena polymorpha. Haag, Wendell R.; Garton, David W. Dec 1, 1995 3633
Filtration and utilization of laboratory-cultured bacteria by Dreissena polymorpha, Corbicula fluminea, and Carunculina texasensis. Silverman, H.; Achberger, E.C.; Lynn, J.W.; Dietz, T.H. Dec 1, 1995 7440
Lasmigona complanata (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from the Tensas River of northeastern Louisiana. Shively, Stephen H.; Barker, John J.; Ewing, Michael S. Nov 1, 1995 486
Elemental distributions in marine bivalve shells as measured by synchrotron X-ray fluorescence. Thorn, Kurt; Cerrato, Robert M.; Rivers, Mark L. Feb 1, 1995 5673
Dispersal dynamics of the bivalve Gemma gemma in a patchy environment. Commito, John A.; Currier, Carol A.; Kane, Laura R.; Reinsel, Kathleen A.; Ulm, Irene M. Feb 1, 1995 11780
Fish hosts for four species of freshwater mussels (Pelecypoda: Unionidae) in the upper Tennessee River drainage. Yeager, Bruce L.; Saylor, Charles F. Jan 1, 1995 1775

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