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Bitstream and ElseWare form strategic sales and marketing alliance.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 15, 1995--Bitstream Inc. and ElseWare Corp. of Seattle today announced that they have joined in a strategic sales and marketing alliance to provide OEM and ISV customers with access to a wide range of advanced industry-standard font technologies and systems.

With combined expertise and products, the alliance offers hardware manufacturers and software developers the ability to license the OEM type and type technology solutions of both Bitstream and ElseWare from either company.

The companies will also deliver a new joint product, the OEM Express Pack(TM), which will provide printer manufacturers with the type and type technology necessary to develop Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5P/5MP-compatible printers. The alliance will leverage the result of ElseWare's development relationship with HP -- ElseWare developed the HP FontSmart(TM) application and Infinifont-based fonts that ship with every 5P/5MP worldwide -- to deliver a total front-end and firmware solution. The OEM Express Pack reduces both time to market and product costs through pre-integration of the software and innovative font compression technologies.

"The products, industry relationships and core expertise of both companies complement each other very nicely," said Ray Boelig, president and CEO of Bitstream Inc. "Together we can now supply the industry with comprehensive type technology solutions that will take the digital communications industry to unprecedented levels."

The ElseWare/Bitstream OEM Express Pack

The OEM Express Pack provides both the 110 fonts and the complete font technology solution for printer OEMs that wish to offer full HP LaserJet 5P/5MP-compatibility. It includes ElseWare's Font Express(TM) host-based font installation, compression and management application and Bitstream's 4-in-1 TrueDoc(TM) Printing System firmware font rasterizer technology. The OEM Express Pack will be available for shipment by OEMs after Aug. 1, 1995.

"Hewlett-Packard found HP FontSmart a cost effective means to add real customer value with space-saving fonts and font management. We are excited about the OEM Express Pack because it makes it easy for other manufacturers to offer comparable user value," said Ben Bauermeister, president of ElseWare. "The partnership with Bitstream lets us provide printer OEMs with a product that exactly matches their needs."

About Bitstream Inc.

Bitstream Inc., based in Cambridge, is a leading developer of digital type and type imaging technology for OEMs, ISVs, and the design and publishing markets. The company's technology solutions and type library have been licensed to over 600 OEM and ISV customers around the world. The company's latest technology solution, Bitstream TrueDoc, offers complete font portability and fidelity across applications, operating systems, platforms and devices. TrueDoc is being incorporated into electronic document distribution applications, multilingual word processing packages, Internet browsers and printer controllers.

About ElseWare Corp.

ElseWare Corp. of Seattle develops and markets system-level font technologies and products that allow OEM customers to differentiate and increase the value of their market offerings. ElseWare's core technology, the PANOSE Typeface Matching System, is widely licensed and supported by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Adobe and Lotus. ElseWare's Infinifont technology offers a significant breakthrough in creating outline fonts on-demand using only a small fraction of the disk space of static fonts. PANOSE and Infinifont are incorporated in ElseWare's retail Windows applications Font Works and Font Works Express, which manage fonts for individual users and people sharing and printing documents on networks.

CONTACT: Bitstream Inc.

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ElseWare Corp.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 15, 1995
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