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Owner Maurice Taylor has his say

TAM'S got his continents mixed up as our Australian waiter without the French accent is really from the West End of Glasgow, but he has drunk Foster's and had a barbecue

And for the future, Tam, cappucino really comes from Italy. We do have some authentic French staff, though, but we find that Paisley buddies and Motherwell comedians can do just as well - even without the accent.

We actually store our cheese in Rab C Nesbitt's socks and we were pleased that Tam noticed this - he must know Rab as well as we do. But that's why we `re both class acts.

We have it on good authority that the CD player only stopped working when the funny man walked in the building.It must have been his magnetic personality.

But, to be honest, we try to specialise in good, value for money French Mediterranean food and service, and leave the music to other places.

However we are now wearing sackcloth and ashes for the Edith Piaf CD. Look on the bright side - we had only one other tape and it was a Boyzone one.

For the record Inverurie is beside Falkirk in France, which is just outside Paris.

And the good news for the people of Falkirk is that they will now be able to visit La Bonne Auberge on their own doorstep.

The first Franchise Brasserie will open at the Park Hotel in the town at the end of the month.

As Tam has been to our Glasgow restaurant we feel that he should should try the new one, too. He'll be more than welcome.

With La Bonne Auberge we wanted to dispel the myth about French food, and make it more accessible and acceptable to the eating-out public.

So if French people eat burgers then why shouldn't everyone?

We're delighted that Tam and Co enjoyed their meal as the restaurant has been in Glasgow for almost 25 years.

We feel that it has more than proved it's saying power and we are looking forward to another 25.

Bon appetit.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 15, 1999
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