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Bite into a Biscottini.

Kenny B's Biscottini is a small Italian cookie with a soft, crumbly texture. Created centuries ago in a small village in eastern Sicily, Nina Cantanzaro stumbled upon the cookie in her kitchen by mistake, naming her creation Biscottini. Her discovery has been passed down for generations and is still hand-baked in small batches at Kenny B's Cookie Company. Biscottini is perfect for people who like the less-sweet taste of biscotti but not its hardness.

Kenny B'S Biscottini come in six flavors: Orange-Fudge and Vanilla-Fudge, and the low-fat Almond, Amaretto, Anise and Lemon. All six flavors of Kenny B'S Biscottini are low in calories, cholesterol, and sodium, making them an appealing dessert for health-conscious families.

The whole family will enjoy this treat with milk or coffee beverages. Those of Italian descent agree the taste and texture of Kenny B's Biscottini remind them of the cookies their grandmothers baked, states the company.

Kenny B's Cookie Company, 206 State Avenue South, P.O. Box 37, New Germany, Minnesota 55367. Tel: (1)(952) 353-2533, Fax: (1)(952) 353-8066, E-mail:, Web site:
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Date:Jul 20, 2004
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