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Bit9 Participates in Strong Angel III Integrated Disaster Response Demonstration; Bit9's Parity Application Control Software Demonstrates Cyber-Threat Mitigation by Controlling What Software is Allowed to Run on Desktops and Laptops.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Bit9, Inc., which enables Windows Desktop Administrators to enforce application usage policies, today announced its participation in Strong Angel III, a collaborative demonstration of civil and military cooperation and communication capabilities put together by a partnership of private companies, government agencies, humanitarian and relief agencies, and universities. Hosted by San Diego State University and taking place in San Diego August 21-26, Strong Angel III will field test effective means of delivering life-saving humanitarian relief and rapidly deployable communications systems in the wake of major disasters.

The Strong Angel III demonstration simulates the impact on information sharing in a real-world disaster. The demonstration will assume the context of a worldwide pandemic caused by a highly contagious virus, which is further complicated by a wave of cyber-attacks inflicted by terrorists that cripple critical local infrastructure and systems. Strong Angel III team members will conduct field trials and demonstrations of solutions that address 49 specific humanitarian relief challenges - both technical and social - that have not yet been adequately overcome in real disaster relief efforts.

A solution to detect, identify, and approve or ban applications, Bit9 Parity will be used to protect desktops and laptops, without relying on malware signatures or behavioral patterns. During Strong Angel III, Bit9 Parity(TM) application control software will demonstrate zero-day cyber-attack protection from sources including: email attachments, file shares, active web content, and instant messaging. Bit9 Parity will monitor participants' computers for potentially malicious software and provide policy-based protection. Some computers will run a lockdown policy that stops all new software from executing, ensuring maximum protection; other computers will have a policy that warns when new software is found and allows users to decide whether the software can execute, providing protection and flexibility. In this way, Parity provides cyber-threat mitigation by controlling what software is allowed to run on desktops, laptops, and servers. Parity uses many techniques to identify software as "trusted," including verifying certificates from a software publisher. By gauging the trustworthiness of software before it executes, Parity provides the most proactive defense against malware and spyware.

"Parity software is typically deployed in corporate, governmental, and educational environments with relatively stable characteristics. Strong Angel III provides an opportunity to understand how the system will perform in 'hostile' conditions where power, networks, and IT support are intermittent," said John Hanratty, Vice President of Products and Services at Bit9.

About Strong Angel III

Strong Angel III is the third in a series of demonstrations that have taken place since 2000. The first two Strong Angel demonstrations were held in 2000 and 2004 in Hawaii associated with the joint Naval exercises called RIMPAC. The primary goals of Strong Angel III are to field-test and demonstrate effective means of delivering life-saving humanitarian relief in the wake of natural and man-made disasters, to foster close collaboration and communications between aid agencies, governments and military in providing disaster relief, to provide local communities with solutions that will help them cope with disasters more immediately and effectively, and to enable military forces to better prepare for and execute humanitarian relief efforts. Strong Angel III will issue a lessons-learned document on its website as soon as possible after conclusion of the demonstration. For more information on Strong Angel III and a listing of participating public- and private-sector organizations, please visit

About Bit9, Inc.

Bit9 provides the easiest and most effective way for Windows Desktop Administrators to enforce desktop application usage policies. By centrally controlling which applications can and cannot run, Bit9 drastically reduces the volume of desktop support calls, thereby maintaining the highest levels of availability, compliance, and security. Unlike other application control solutions that require significant setup and intervention, Bit9 installs in minutes and automates the approval or banning of new applications. Founded in 2002 by the founders of Okena (acquired by Cisco) and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Bit9 is a privately held company. For more information, visit

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Date:Aug 21, 2006
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