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Bishops' statements.

Baker, OR -- Bishop Robert Vasa of this Oregon diocese wrote in his diocesan newspaper in February 2006 that Catholic pro-choice politicians are not merely not "good Catholics;" they are also heretics. Pro-choice Catholics, he wrote, "reject the clear and consistent teaching of the Church." Bishop Vasa was among those bishops in 2004 in favour of refusing Communion to "pro-choice" politicians. Later on he also condemned the court-sanctioned death of Terri Schiavo (, Feb. 21, 2006).

A pro-abortion stand by Catholic politicians has also recently been condemned by Bishop Gerald Barnes of San Bernardino, CA.

On the other hand, Bishop Richard Malone of Portland, ME has stated that pro-choice politicians should not be excommunicated but required to be "engaged in dialogue (M.D. Joseph, March 1, 2006)." The bishop did not say what would happen after the "dialogue" proved unsatisfactory.
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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