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Bishops' meeting report.

Thank you for reporting on the bishops' meeting (NCR, Nov. 29-Dec.12, 2019). My immediate reactions were feelings of disappointment and anger.

First Cardinal Daniel DiNardo states climate change is not "urgent." Our generation is responsible for many of the causes of climate change. We have a moral obligation to work with our youth to reduce its harmful effects.

Secondly, abortion is again "our preeminent priority" What about crimes against women? Has the church ever condemned rape? In my opinion, sexual assault on women is equal with abortion as a grave sin.

Third, what about gun violence, access to health care, poverty? These are all pro-life issues.


Shorewood, Wisconsin

This responds to NCR's recent alarm about how the U.S. bishops prioritized the issue of abortion at their annual meeting this November in Baltimore. After a lengthy debate, by majority vote, the bishops excluded some of Pope Francis' pronouncements on a comprehensive position of life issues and stated, "the threat of abortion is our preeminent priority."

This statement was then included into the U.S. bishops' updated election guide "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship." A closer reading of the election guide shows that NCR's alarm is overstated.

First, the bishops left untouched the other parts of their previous 2015 guide that require Catholic voters to consider other intrinsically evil issues, such as racism, euthanasia, genocide, torture, treating the poor as disposable, and others. The U.S. bishops reiterate in the election guide, "As Catholics we are not single-issue voters. A candidate's position on a single issue is not sufficient to guarantee a voter's support."

Had the bishops wanted to diminish the pope's concern over the other life issues, they would have done so. Instead, they wrote that Catholic voters should "apply a consistent moral framework to issues facing the nation and world." These words are really a restatement of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin's teaching on "a consistent ethic of life." Second, their concern that abortion should be a preeminent priority is nothing new The bishops stated as much in their 2015 version of the election guide.


Marquette, Michigan

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Author:Ksicinski, Julianna; Anderson, Robert
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Date:Jan 24, 2020
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