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Bishop forgives TV veteran Gay's `blasphemy' and lifts curse.

GAY Byrne will be free from the curse imposed on him by a rebel bishop when the final curtain comes down on the record-breaking Late Late Show next Friday.

Tridentine Bishop Michael Cox confirmed he was lifting the religious curse he placed on TV idol Byrne for allowing "blasphemy" on his show.

The controversial bishop put the curse on Gay last March after the veteran broadcaster let outrageous rock band The Hairy Bowsies mock the Pope.

The bishop was furious when The Bowsies' lead singer sang Bless Me Father, a song which poked fun at the Catholic sacrament of confession with a hit-list of supposed "sins" which included:

Hitting Pope John Paul on the head.

Having naughty thoughts about British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Wearing his mother's dress to Mass.

And spitting on a baby at a country fair.

Last night the bishop said: "As a bishop I have the power to ask God to impose a penance and also the power ask him to absolve it. That's what I'm doing now. When the show is over, so is the penance."
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Author:Flanagan, Pat
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 16, 1999
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