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Bishop Raymond Burke.

La Crosse, Wisconsin -- One bishop who went home and put some of these concepts into practice was Bishop Raymond Burke of La Crosse. In early December, he sent private letters to three local politicians advising them that they risked their spiritual wellbeing by not giving up their pro-abortion voting patterns. A local paper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, no doubt figuring it had the scoop of the year, obtained copies of the letters and published parts of them.

The hail of criticism landing on Bishop Burke as a result was elevated the following week by the publication of further letters in which he advised the Central Wisconsin HIV/AIDS Ministry to withdraw from an annual AIDS fundraising march. The Ministry, a Catholic group which receives $17,000 annually from the diocese, has pulled out of the March. Bishop Burke's main concern was that two of the other groups involved not only celebrated homosexuality but also promoted it among young people.

Bishop Burke stood firm. As he said at a press conference, "I have no regret whatsoever. It was my duty as bishop.... "Immediately after these events, Bishop Burke was informed that he had been appointed Archbishop of St. Louis. (Lifesite News, Zenit)
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