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Bishop Dumais once more. (News in Brief: Canada).

Gaspe--Some people claim that the scandal around retired Bishop Raymond Dumais, 52 (see C.I., Jan/Feb, p. 30), will reopen the debate about priestly celibacy. Bishop Dumais is now living with a woman in Bic, a town close to Rimouski, QC, and has asked to be laicized.

According to Fr. Guy Lagace, president of the priests' forum of the Archdiocese of Rimouski, "It's time that we woke up to a new culture within the Church" (Le Soleil).


It's time for Fr. Guy Lagace to wake up and to realize that the 40-year-long agitation for the abolition of celibacy has long since spent itself Instead of adding to the commotion, he should pray that Bishop Dumais recovers his senses and returns to the priesthood. Almost certainly the Church will not laicize him; it would be an extremely rare exception if she did.
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Title Annotation:Canadian bishop askes to be laicized
Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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