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Bishop, Anne. Shadows and light.

(Tir Alainn Trilogy, book 2). Penguin Putnam, Roc. 420p. c2002. 0-451-45899-0. $6.99. SA

Mortal witches, able to manipulate earth, air, fire and water, are the anchors that keep the Shining Roads open between this world and that of the Fee Clans. Unfortunately. their fertile farms and old growth timber have attracted the attention of land-hungry barons. Capitalizing on the incentives of greed and bullying, a religious leader. Master Adolfo, has created the Inquisitors--frightening Black Coats who claim that by killing the witches they are thwarting the influence of the Evil One. Female authors are banned, women's paintings are burned, and women are forced to wear drab clothing. Those who resist are subjected to beatings and scold's bridles; their bones are crushed until they are "softened" into compliance. While many of the men go along with the new laws that turn over all female money and possessions to their control, some husbands and fathers want to stop it. One such is Liam. the new Baron of Willowsbrook. Especially appalled when he learns that genital mutilation is now being used to subjugate women, he joins with his mother, sister and half-sister Breanna to help save the Old Places. The few Fee that want to save the ancient forests and the elemental witches band with Liam and Breanna to find the Hunter, the Green Man of the Forest, in a desperate attempt to stop natural magic from disappearing forever. Care has been taken with the archetypes and there is a definite respect for the traditions. The story is relevant to contemporary life, as many of the oppressive practices are currently in use today, but it might take someone 16 and older to understand the haunting material. It isn't necessary to have read the first volume. The Pillars of the World, but the ending in this book is a cliffhanger for the third. Liz LaValley, Independent Reviewer, Mattapoisett, MA
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Author:LaValley, Liz
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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