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Bishop's Easter message.

WE eat 80 million Easter eggs every year and we buy almost 10 billion hen eggs - real eggs! What's great about Easter eggs is that they remind us of real eggs.

A real egg is something hopeful: new life can break out of the dark place inside.

There are dark places in our lives - when things go wrong, when we hurt, when we try to hide, when we lose someone we love. Sometimes it looks like there is no way out - the darkness has won.

At Easter, we give each other eggs as a sign of hope, a sign that new life can break out of the darkness. When we give someone an Easter egg, we're really saying: Hold out hope! The darkness has not won.

God brought new life into the world at Easter: Jesus rose to new life out of the darkest place, the tomb of death.

The darkness had not won. God gives us hope: This new life is for all of us.

What if we gave Easter eggs more often? Not chocolate ones, but real ones - what if we gave each other hope? By helping someone not to despair; giving someone a fresh start or a second chance; forgiving when things go wrong, being a friend in someone's loneliness.

Will we be Easter people? Will we be people who give others hope? If we will, lives can change - and we will find God changes us, too.


The Right Reverend Christopher Cocksworth

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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 17, 2017
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