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Biscayne bay takeover.

Karl, your June 2010 article about the Bright Greenies is 100 percent accurate. I have met one of the largest Greenies you could ever want to see: the National Parks Conservation Association. They have 300,000 members and 35,000 activists. During the Biscayne National Park public workshops in the summer of 2009, they were there with their comprehensive study of the Park and its management.

Their study would lead you to believe that they are the ones telling the Park's management what condition the Park is in and what to do about it. Some of their suggestions such as no spearfishing, no fishing and no anchoring are the same regulations that are going into the Park's management plan. It is almost as if this private organization is running the Park to their liking. Yes, we need reasonable conservation but their goals are a complete prohibition of the taking of any fish or lobster from the park. (Go to for more information.)

The NPCA and other Bright Greenies organizations are very well organized and funded with millions from private donations. We the sportsmen/women are a larger conservationist group than they are. What do we have? Chump change and not a clue. Where are our leadership and funding? Karl, you once led us to ban the gill nets. We know you have done a lot for Florida outdoors for 40 years and I could understand if you feel you need a break. How about if you light a fire under someone else?

Juan Badell


Editor replies: Thanks, Juan, but I'm still waiting to take that break. Meantime, we're at war daily against the anti-fishing crazies, oppressive and ineffective slow-zones, junk science causing closures and favoritism shown to commercial slaughters. With support from folks like you, we can make important progress, as we have in many instances.

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Title Annotation:LETTERS & E-MAILS
Author:Badell, Juan
Publication:Florida Sportsman
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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