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Birthday photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge; to view or to buy.

Birthday photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge

Fifty years later, the bridging of the GoldenGate still seems an extraordinary leap of the imagination. Step onto the walkway, or hike around Fort Point below the south tower, and your awe intensifies: the bridge moves as if alive. Its roadway vibrates with roaring traffic, the wind whistles through its cables--playing them, one observer said, like gigantic harp strings.

Hoopla surrounding the bridge's May24th birthday calls attention to its powerful presence and amazing construction. Both get full play in striking historic photographs on view--and for sale--at two San Franciso archives.

California Historical Society, Shubert HallLibrary, Photographic Archives, 2099 Pacific Avenue. Open 1 to 5 Wednesdays through Saturdays; $3 for nonmembers. Lots of construction views, some postcard views, some photographs of opening-day festivities. Prices start at $13 for an 8-by-10 print.

San Francisco Archives, Third Floor, MainLibrary, Civic Center. Open 10 to 6 Tuesdays through Saturdays, 1 to 6 Wednesdays. Large selection includes construction views and opening-day scenes. Prices start at $5 for an 8-by-10. Through June 1, an exhibit on 1930s San Francisco displays vintage photographs and original bridge souvenirs.

For a look at present-day photographicstudies, stop by 1 Market Plaza, an office building at Market and Steuart streets. Through June 5, 37 color prints will be on view 7 to 6:30 weekdays in the lobby.

To get up-to-date details on the bridge'sbirthday events, call Fridns of the Golden Gate Bridge at (415) 421-1987.

Photo: Moving south, work crew squeezes into 61 strands the 27,572wires that make up each cable. View north shows 4,200 yawning feet between Golden Gate's towers

Photo: Extending into space,sections of roadway seem to defy gravity as they approach each other. Safety netting is suspended below

Photo: Among the first across the bridgeon Pedestrian Day (May 27, 1937) were these three roller-skaters
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Date:May 1, 1987
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