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This video features another wonderful midwife, Veronica Wagner who has practiced for many years in California. Wagner describes herself as a Christian traditional midwife, and her own and her couples' faith and joy permeate the film as we share in their births at home.

Birth is organized differently from Families Birthing Together. Thirty-six actual births are shown, organized around such topics as posteriors, breeches, cord management, children at birth, the placenta, and so forth. These topics answer questions people often have about "how is such-and-such managed at home?" and serve to build confidence. The footage from some of the births is "home movie" quality, unlike the interviews with Wagner and the families, which is very professionally done.

Kathy Nesper of Apple Tree Family Ministries, writes, "Veronica's opening statement, that it's time to put God back into birth, sets the tone. She goes on to explain that if our faith is relevant to every aspect of our lives, it is relevant to birth as well. This is the first tape we've seen which so beautifully incorporates faith into its instruction about birth."

The many benefits of homebirth are thoughtfully presented, along with an abundance of well-documented facts and statistics. The film has been included in the National Library of Medicine. It is well done and would be a valuable addition to any midwife's or childbirth educator's lending library. I make sure it gets into the hands of all my Christian couples since it speaks the language they know, inspiring confidence through knowledge, attitude and joy.
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Author:Baldwin, Rahima
Publication:Special Delivery
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Date:Mar 22, 1992
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