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Birth leaves mums with 'shell shock' STUDY.


GIVING birth leaves one new mum in three suffering from the same symptoms as victims of terrorist attacks.

Doctors say they can develop post traumatic stress disorder, which hits soldiers returning from war or those involved in terror crimes.

Of the 33% with symptoms, 3.4% go on to develop the full-blown condition.

Signs include flashbacks, not wanting to talk about the birth and a pounding heart.

And it is not just the pain that brings on trauma.

Women get stressed at being undressed during labour, the fear of something going wrong and bad experiences from previous pregnancies, say experts writing in the Israel Medical Association Journal.

They say: "The debate over whether or not childbirth qualifies as a 'traumatic event' is controversial.

"While childbirth is not sudden like an accident, it is accompanied by a very real fear of danger."


STRESSFUL J Mum in labour
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 10, 2012
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