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Birds Eye Walls high volume choc bar line.

Birds Eye Walls High Volume Choc Bar Line

In a drive towards increasing choc bar sales, Birds Eye Wall's has installed a new high volume line at its massive Gloucester site. The new production line is part of the changes which culminated in the successful launch of the Sky bar.

The two packing lines required to handle the total throughput of this installation were installed and commissioned by CKF Systems Ltd. Operations include handling the individual bars from flow wrapper through cartoning, labelling, taping, coding, metal detection, checkweighing and casing.

CKF specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of conveyor systems where performance, reliability and ease of maintenance are essential. Much of the company's work is for the food industry where high levels of hygiene are demanded. The range of work varies from single individual conveyors to complete turnkey projects.

CKF's skills lie primarily in systems design and manufacture, and this expertise was employed in the design of the new Birds Eye Wall's production line.

Modular Design

Wherever possible, conveyors of modular design were used in order to maintain uniformity, to minimise the need for stock items and for ease of maintenance, whilst maintaining the flexibility to allow for later alterations if necessary. In certain areas it was necessary to design conveyors to suit the particular requirements of the product and associated plant, eg, varying heights, packing stations and special infeed arrangements.

Having identified the type and range of special equipment, such as labellers, coders, tapers, metal detectors and check-weighers, special supports and sliding frames had to be designed, Arrangements had to be provided for rapid size and product changes; these in turn required facilities for taking certain processes off-line, and for ensuring that the correct security codes were selected.

Other requirements made by Birds Eye Wall's included collating products for packing, and the design of starwheels and special belt conveyors for upending and repositioning the cartons to ensure that they are presented in the correct orientation at each stage.

Positive and fast-reacting product reject systems were developed by CKF as well as specially designed packaging jigs and a series of support bars to ensure smooth and efficient packaging and to allow easy and speedy adjustment for size changes.

Product Testing Facility

CKF maintains a programme of testing devices, and particularly new belt materials and profiles. At its factory the company therefore provides a test-bed facility which permits realistic trials to be carried out and evaluated off-line.

For the Birds Eye Wall's installation, where it had been shown that the instability of the choc bars posed transfer problems between conveyors, CKF carried out a series of tests with different belt syste s. These trials were completed at an early stage of construction, with the result that no handling problems occur during production. This represents an important cost and time- saving element of CKF's service.

CKF Systems are located at Unit K1, Innsworth Technology Park, Innsworth Lane, Gloucester, tel: 0452 731537.

PHOTO : The new Sky packaging lines at Gloucester
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Date:Mar 1, 1990
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