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Bird-brain pilot's near miss with RAF jet he thought was buzzard.

A GLIDER pilot narrowly avoided colliding with a Tornado fighter jet after mistaking it for a buzzard.

The Tornado pilot was forced to do an outside loop as he passed below the glider, missing it by between 100ft and 300ft.

A UK Airprox Board report on the incident in August said the glider pilot "saw something that at first he thought was the buzzard, but quickly realised was an aircraft". The jet pilot said the collision risk was "medium".

The jet had been flying over Low Ellington, North Yorks, heading to RAF Leeming, and military air traffic controllers said the glider pilot had not told them his position.

The glider pilot said the time between sighting the Tornado, which can fly at 1,450mph, and its closest point to his aircraft was one or two seconds.


CLOSE CALL Jet was not a buzzard

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 5, 2016
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