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 before it's too late I need to study the great religions
lately time has been speeding up in the bad movie of my life months fly
off the calendar or the camera stays fixed on one tree in leaf no leaves
in leaf sunrise sunset as the great Yiddish musical says
 and then the chuppah
 the goblet smashed delirious dancers parading the newlyweds in chairs
like royalty but why give up those beasts whose hooves leave valentines
for us in the muddy sty and why so much anxiety regarding women ditto
Mary's beatific smile but I like the distinctive hats on those in
I know I need a little intercession spilt salt flung over the shoulder a
daily line-up facing East though some of us have to pray in our personal
tents like snails
           a wedding in a garden suits me fine the flowers left
unsacrificed it's Adam and Eve except that Adam had no mother no
one who worried about that missing rib now incarnate wearing white like
a young birch beside my boy who's grown bewitched looking nowhere
but at her I know that look a Druid with his chosen tree he might as
well be on his knees he needs an altar something old something once
revered perhaps I could volunteer bring on the saw the guests can bow
their heads and count the rings the years 
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Title Annotation:ten poems
Author:Voigt, Ellen Bryant
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 2011
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