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Bipolar X-press.

Fire and ice, grace and clumsiness, artifice and reality. Faye Driscoll bounces between the extremes with funky elan. Last April's premiere, There is so much mad in me, returns to DTW Sept. 22-25. Our reviewer, Mary Love Hodges, observed that, "in a desperate attempt to keep the overstimulation going, performers switch gears from violence to sex to vanity to voyeurism." However uncomfortable Driscoll makes the audience, she comes by it naturally. She's worked with Yasmeen Godder, Doug Varone, and David Neumann. Driscoll, a "25 to Watch" in 2008, is now an artist-in-residence at the Joyce SoHo. The creation of There is so much mad in me was supported by ADF and Kaatsbaan. See


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Title Annotation:new york notebook
Author:Perron, Wendy
Publication:Dance Magazine
Article Type:Dance review
Date:Sep 1, 2010
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