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Bipasha Basu will make you scream in fear.

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has a bone to pick with her movie-mad Indian fans. She believes they are unnecessarily harsh when it comes to sizing up Hindi horror films. Her latest scary film, Creature 3D, out in the UAE this Thursday, may alter that perceived prejudice.

"This constant debate that we can't match the West in horror is something that Indians do to themselves aACA* I beg to differ. The technicians in Creature 3D -- all from India -- have outdone themselves. They have given us a wonderfully scary creature," said Basu, speaking in Dubai on Saturday. But the actress, 35, who is legendary for her fitness obsession, took the bite out of her criticism with:

"Plus, the creature is so fit. I could see his muscles move and that made me strangely happy even if it meant that I was running away from it," said Basu.

In Creature 3D, also featuring Pakistani actor Imran Abbas, Basu plays Ahana, who owns and operates a hotel in Ooty, South India. She fears closure and bankruptcy when a gigantic creature begins to attack her guests.

"Ahana is actually a vulnerable woman who turns feisty because she has no other go. She's facing a lot of problems and has two options: either run away from them or face them head on. Personally, if I were Ahana, I would just jump out of that French window if I knew there was a beast out there," said Basu.

She may not be a fan of grisly creatures and is prone to watching horror films with her hands covering her eyes, but Basu didn't need any convincing to take on a role in Creature 3D.

"I have always loved films like Anaconda and after watching Jennifer Lopez in that one I knew I wanted to be in a film like that. So when Vikram suggested that he wanted to make a creature feature, I just said: let's do it aACA* it's a step forward aACA* I am tired of being a part of films that look stale and repetitive." Recently, Basu even distanced herself from the comedy Humshakals claiming she wasn't happy with the way her role shaped up in the universally-panned Sajid Khan film.

The self-made star, who began her career with risquEa roles in hits such as Jism and Raaz, celebrates her 14-year career anniversary this year. It's a milestone that she happily embraces.

"Surviving for 14 years in this business is a big deal. I am going to pat my own back here aACA* I never had a plan in place and whenever I have chosen to do something that's away from the herd, it's always worked for me," said Basu, whose original plan was to quit after five years of acting in Bollywood.

"I remember making those grand statements because at that time I truly believed those words. But as long as I don't feel tired of acting I will continue to be here."

For Pakistani actor Abbas, who makes his Bollywood debut with Creature 3D, it was the prospect of doing something different than the run-of-the-mill love story that attracted him to this project.

"So far we have seen Jurassic Park dubbed in Hindi with dialogues like: aACAyoh look, there is dino gobar [Dinosaur droppings in Hindi]. It sounds funny instead of eerie. So when a creature feature like this is made in Hindi, it's more relatable and therefore more entertaining." Both claim that being a part of Creature 3D has been their toughest role.

"This film has disciplined me as an actor. We had to learn to be more focused because you need to imagine the creature in your head to extract those emotions of fear. The viewers don't care that you did that scene without that beast in front of your eyes. They want to be entertained ... And when you are a part of a film that was shot on 3D, we had to do a scene perfectly three times at least. It's exhausting but it's worth it," said Basu. She's also convinced that Creature 3D is not a typical slasher film.

"We Indians need a bit of story and emotion for everything. We are just not ready for an all-out supernatural film. It doesn't work and we have kept that in mind." In other words, be prepared to be scared and serenaded this weekend -- even if there's a ghastly animal lurking behind the bushes.

Did you know?

Basu met her hero Imran Abbas over Skype.

"We chatted a bit for the first time. But once we began filming, we were like two kids on the sets. We used to play Ludo all the time and Vikram is convinced that I won because I cheated."

Basu is not planning to marry her squeeze Harman Baweja anytime soon.

"I don't have a timeline yet. If I say anything on camera, my mother would be so happy and pounce on it. I will be committed forever."

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Date:Sep 9, 2014
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